Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last Letter!

Sorry, we had a storm here in Bermejo last night and it knocked out all internet connection here in Bermejo, so we were walking all up and down the city looking for an internet place that worked. Finally we found a place. 

I love you all so much!! I cant wait to see you all and hug you! 

Tomorrow morning I leave Bermejo and I go to Santa Cruz, I will be there until Friday early morning then I get on a plane for almost the entire day. Then I get to see you!!!! 

I cant wait! 
Nos vemos esta semana!!! Les amo!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last Full Week

Well, here it is the beginning of the end. Today starts the beginning of my last full week of being a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ. The time has passed so fast and I dont quite understand how it is possible, but here we are.
First, Happy Birthday to Eric yesterday. I was thinking about you all day. The members that we live with invited us to un asado. Since I am here on the border of Argentina and Bolivia, they bring the beef from Argentina. So, yesterday, in your honor, I ate the best beef in the world, with some toasted bread, and some tomatos. So great.
Yesterday were the elections here in Bolivia. As missionaries we weren´t allowed to leave our houses yesterday, so I just sat there with my books, and studied Jesus the Christ and the scriptures. I love that book- if anyone hasnt read it, I fully recommend that you read it. I am halfway through, and this time through I am understanding so much more than I did the first time I read it. My testimony of the supremecy of the Lord has grown so much. He knew so much and was such an amazing example of being 100% obedient, even to the laws and customs of the times. It just amazes me when, before the mission, I thought He acted and did things without a special purpose, but now I know that He did everything with a purpose- to fulfill a prophecy or to bear testimony of His Father or to show us exactly how to be in this life. He is the most perfect example of love and of humility that there is and I know He lives. I know He truly is waiting for us to come to Him in humility and to obey Him. He is my savior and my friend. I may not have seen Him, but I have learned how to listen and recognize when He speaks to me through the Holy Ghost. I know He answers prayers, today I recieved revelation and I heard and felt what the Lord wants of me in the future. I love this relationship that I have with Christ and with my Heavenly Father. It is a relationship that I cherish. The happiness that it brings is like nothing else in this world.
Friday was the birthday of an 11 year old girl named Morena. She and her family (the Jerez family) got baptized about 8 months ago. They are a very big family and they are very poor. They dont have anything, but they continue strong in the church. Their kids are all small and some days go without food, so my companion and I wanted to do something special. Using some of the money that you sent me, we sent a member to go buy ingredients and things to make pizza. We used the oven of a member that makes bread. And we made 4 pizzas- ham and cheese pizzas. Pizza here in Bermejo/Bolivia is really gross, just tasteless cheese and one little aceituna (dont know the word in english) and plus, it is really expensive to buy pizza- 70 bolivianos ($10) for a small pizza. So, we made our own and we took the pizzas to the family´s house and we surprised them. We also bought other things that the family needed too, shampoos and other food. They were so happy. The kids just kept eating and their parents had to stop them from eating so they wouldnt get sick. The parents - Ramiro and Sonia - were just so happy and grateful that they started crying. They didnt have words to thank us, and we didnt have words to tell them it was okay, and that we wanted to do this for them. I loved that experience.
I love you my family and friends. You are all the best. Keep on going on and we´ll see each other next week.
I love you. 
See you soon. 
Elder Jensen

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday After General Conference

Good morning to everyone where ever they are!
This week was great. We got to hear the words of the Lord through His authorized servants. I absolutely loved general conference and the feelings that I felt. This was, obviously, my 4th and last general conference as a missionary, and I had a lot of questions that I wanted answered about my future and about my life and as I sat there listening with a couple other american missionaries, I felt the power of the Spirit of the Lord testify to me that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of the Lord in these days. The Lord, through the inspired talks that we heard, answered all of my questions, and that is another amazing miracle that I saw this week as a missionary of the Lord.

I loved the talks by Elders David A. Bednar and Dieter F. Uchtdorf. They are my two favorite apostles.
I think that was my main highlight of my week. Listening to General Conference in a tiny room in a chapel here in Bermejo with 2 other American Missionaries and 2 American Sister Missionaries. We got to watch all the sessions in English and I loved it. Honestly, the fact that we are members of the only true church of the Lord Jesus Christ just blows my mind. I know this is true and I know the Lord lives and He speaks with His prophet and I know He is guiding the church and us all.
I loved the 3 talks that talked about the prophet and how we need not to worry whether or not the prophet is going to lead us in the right way, because it´s the Lord´s church and if the prophet tries to lead us away from the truth, he will be removed from the position and someone else will be put as prophet. I know this to be true.

I also really liked the 2 talks on helping the poor and needy, giving and serving them, as well as through the law of the fast. I know the Lord wants us to serve these people, and that we have the obligation to help them. I know this to be true.

I love you all so much. I know that the Lord lives and that He is truly aware of us in every moment and every day.
Talk to you next week!
Elder Jensen

Monday, September 29, 2014

This Week In Bermejo and Itinerary HOME!

This week here in Bermejo.

I am doing really well. I am finishing the best I can. I am focused and I am giving everything. My comp and I were seriously discouraged because it seems like we give so much and the members/the youth just keep doing the same things, last week we kind of gave up hope in the members, but we had my last zone conference on Friday with President Willard and we just got super excited. Then after the best Weekly Planning session of my mission, we are doing everything we can to finally work united with the members. We have had meetings with each of the presidencies of the branch, and now we have so much work to do... My goal these last three weeks is to help and strengthen my companion and the branch so the work will continue full speed after I leave. 

Here in Bermejo, I am helping the Branch President organize everything and now he’s asked me to train his newly called Executive Secretary (recent convert) and his new Ward Clerk (a recently activated member that just received the Melchizedek Priesthood.) I am seriously just so excited to work with the members. It is great. 

This week, we had a baptism. Brother Basilio Mamani got baptized. I baptized him. Everything was so great. The sister missionaries sang a great musical number and I just felt so good. 

Sunday was my last Fast and Testimony meeting here in Bolivia. It was a great meeting. A few recent converts got up and testified. I felt so happy to see them and to hear their first testimonies. 

I know I already sent you all my flight info. But, I officially come home on October 24th, at 7:50 at night. I can’t wait to see you all! 

I love you all so much.

-Elder Jensen

SERVICE               DATE  FROM           TO             DEPART  ARRIVE
_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______
                            MEAL                          NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         4:51 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING 737-800

E ECONOMY                                  TERMINAL E
                            FOOD FOR PURCHASE             NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         4:15 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING 737-900
                            SEAT 30C NO SMOKING CONFIRMED

E ECONOMY                   TERMINAL C     TERMINAL 1
                            FOOD FOR PURCHASE             NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         3:10 DURATION

Monday, September 22, 2014

One Month!

Good morning family! I hope you are already doing super well. 

This week was great! 

 President  Flores and his family made it back here. President is super excited to get to work after his little vacation. They gave me my package with food in it, thanks for that... I´ve been munching on the snacks since I got them, I feel fat. Haha 
They all had wonderful things to say about you all. They tell me that I am exactly like dad, and that mom cried and they told me that you are so excited to see your little boy. When they talked about you, I couldnt stop smiling, I was so happy to hear news from you all and stuff. 

Basilio Mamani is progressing well. He had his baptismal interview yesterday and everything went great! So, he will be baptized this Saturday!
We really dont know what happened to Abraham Arce. He was so excited to get baptized and to go to church, but I think he went on a trip and wasnt able to make it back on time to go to church. So, we´ll have to wait a couple more weeks until he can get baptized. 

We are seeing so many good things now in the area. More people are coming to church, more people are willing to serve in their callings. I have noticed that there is more excitement in the branch than when I got here. Things are going great... Now to just continue on until the end!

I love you all so much . You are all great and I cant wait to see you all in a months time! 
Talk to you next week!
-Elder Jensen

Monday, September 15, 2014

Five Weeks!

Hey there!

This week, like I said last week, we had transfers... And I am still here in Bermejo, still in Miraflores.  Still with my companion, Elder Santos. Here I will finish my mission. I am super happy because I didn’t want to leave here, so I am doing great.

This week in Bermejo.
- Abraham Arce and his wife Raquel are progressing, finally. They are doing great and they got super excited for his baptism here in 2 weeks. We have an appointment with them tonight at 7 and we are going to talk about eternal families and the temple, so they can get sealed in one year! I am so happy for them.

- Bacilio Mamani is also progressing nicely and will also get baptized on the 27 of this month. 

 I am just happy. I am happy with everything. My study of the gospel. My testimony. My mission. My family and friends that I love so much.  I am happy with our new pension (We had to change because of new rules from the Area Presidency- we cant eat lunch with families that have teenage daughters). We are now eating with the Morales family. They are recent converts and have the goal to go to the temple here in a couple months. We are helping their teenage son, Vicente, be less rebellious and more serious about the gospel so he can go on his mission next year.

I love you all so much. I hope you have a great week.

Elder Jensen

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Forty Six Days Left!

Hey there family!

It´s true what Elder Bednar told us when he came to Bolivia about a year and a half ago, ¨Time doesnt exist in the eternities. So, when we are closer to the Lord and we have His spirit, the faster time seems to go.¨

This week, I experimented that. The time is flying past so fast. Just 6 more weeks until i see you guys. How is that even possible? Wow.

This week I start my last transfer in the mission. tomorrow the Zone Leaders will call and tell me where I will finish my mission. The end is coming. But, with the end of my mission, my new life will start, with all the things I have experienced in the mission and all the things I have learned. A new Chandler. A new disciple of Jesús Christ. A new start and a new life. I am excited to go home and see everyone, and a bit sad to leave Bolivia. But, it´s fine because with technology and Facebook and everything, I can still talk with the people I love here.

This past week, I started to read more church books. I started to read the Teachings of the Presidents books. In our house there are a bunch. Last week, I read Spencer W. Kimball´s book and now I am reading Wilford Woodruff. They are great books, and I love their teachings and their words. So full of power and of the spirit. I am learning a lot and I am taking advantage of the time I have left here.

This week we worked super hard to find new people and to teach the doctrine of the Lord. We found new people... A great family... But, they dont live in my área, they live in the área of the sister missionaries. So, we passed the reference along. We are still working with Abraham Arce, but he is having problems with leaving behind the virgins and the saints of the Catholic church. Even though we taught him and we read the scriptures together that explain it clearly, it´s not that easy for him to leave something behind that he has always done. So, we´ll continue to pray for him and help him with that.

I love this mission. I love my mission, because I have the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest men the world has ever known... As I bear testimony of the living Lord and Savior, I stand with Paul from the New Testament, Isaiah from the Old Testament, Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Spencer and the modern day apostles of the Lord. And even, I stand with the Lord himself. I know He is there. I know He lives and that He loves us. I know this and so much more. My mouth, and well, right now- my fingers can´t describe what I truly feel inside. It´s the best feeling I have ever felt and I truly love these Bolivian people and I love the Lord. I want to follow Him in all things, and in all ways. I wish I could be even better from him.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Until next week,
Elder Jensen

Monday, September 1, 2014

7 Letters Away From Home

Another week, I cant believe I have like 7 weeks left. 

I wrote you all letters and gave them to President Flores who will talk to dad tomorrow to figure out when you can meet up. 
The letters aren't anything special, I just wanted to let you all know how I feel about everyone of you

So, now I have no time to write my weekly letter because I had to do things for the mission, so the small shoe box will have to suffice this week. 

But, I love you all. 
Cant wait to see you!

-Elder Jensen

Monday, August 25, 2014


Another week has passed by here in Bermejo. This week we had intense heat... It reminded me of St. George. Haha, but good news... Looks like I will be coming home with a good tan, and some scars from the mosquito bites, but dont even worry about it. 

This week passed by flying, even faster than the last.Time is really passing as I work and as I study and as I am a missionary of the only true church of God. I dont understand why I was so blessed to be raised in the church when so many others as perishing in confusion. I honestly am so grateful to the Lord for having helped me so much! 

This week, we are working as hard as we can with the branch. Sunday we had a branch council meeting and the Branch President was honest with us when he told us there is so much work to do and not many people willing to do it, but we started making plans and goals to start to improve. Maybe it will take months or years, maybe I will see the fruits of our labors, or maybe not, but I am happy that we are starting to work.  I am happy with this branch and for the Branch President. He is great.. you´ll get to meet him since he will be up there soon. 

We are continuing the work here in Bermejo... We are still teaching Abraham Arce and his wife. We are trying to help Vicente Morales and the youth here in the branch to fight and be strong saints of the Lord. So many people here, well in the world in general, have problems with pornagraphy. It is so sad as I have seen youth being trapped in it´s grasp. The church just did a Mormon Message about porn and I love it, because it is so true. I hope none of us will ever be trapped in it´s grasp. 

Friday, the branch president called us and asked me to prepare a talk on the family. Yesterday, I gave my church talk - my companion then taught the Gospel Principles class. I love teaching and testifying of the truthfulness of this work. I love this church and I love the words of the prophets, both ancient and modern prophets. I have truly been changed because of the church magazines and because of the Book of Mormon. It´s strange, today I recieved a bunch of pictures of friends and people I know and I love. I realized that I have been changed by my mission. The world may be the same as always, but I know look at things through new eyes, a new perspective of things. I love it. 

Well, that´s it for this week. 
I love you all so much and I am so grateful for you all. 

I hope you all are doing well, that you are safe and happy. I pray for you every day. 
I love you!
Until next week... 

Elder Jensen

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sixty-Seven Days!

This week in the mission, like I said last week, we had a third companion, Elder Correa. It was a lot of fun to work with him for a week before he left for his mission. His mom isn't a member, but she supported him in his decision, well, until the last couple days before he left. His last day, Wednesday, we ate lunch with him and his whole family. They made a Napolitana, a dish from Argentina. -- So great, I love it. Anyway, his mom was super sad and super worried about everything. She started asking us questions about the mission, if it is hard or what it´s like, what was my experience when I left on the mission. We talked about things and I told her that really the time passes so fast, that her son, before she knows it will be coming home. A changed man, a better man of God. That is what happened to me... This week passed so incredibly fast, I honestly dont remember much that we did... Other than work super hard...
Like I told you last week, we have our work cut out for us here in Bermejo in Miraflores. There are so many less actives here and even the people that got baptized arent going to church that much, so we have so much to do. But I am happy and I am doing really great. This week we are helping the branch organize the branch lists. No one really knows how to use a computer really well here, and even less know about the church system MLS. So, the Branch President asked me to help him with a couple projects and things with the computer and with MLS. I guess, finally I am putting to good use all my knowledge and skills on the computer. I am doing really well and working hard to finish off the mission.

This week we found a couple new people to teach, one is Abraham Arce, he is the husband of a less active sister, they have a 2 year old son. We have taught them a couple times and he committed to baptism, to leaving behind the alcohol and to going to church, and yesterday they went to church! It was so good to see them there... And they got there on time too! So great. 
The other sister we are teaching is Elenir Nieves. Her sister is member of the church but in the other branch. Her mom died recently so we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she really liked it. She accepted a baptismal date for September. I am super happy for her.
That´s about it for the week. Like I said, it passed by so fast and I dont remember much. 
But, I love you so much. I cant wait to see you all.
I love you. 
-Elder Jensen

Monday, August 11, 2014

Church Turns 50 in Bolivia

Hello there everyone out there! I hope everything is going really well and that you´re all happy! 

This week went by super fast! I cant believe it is Monday again. So crazy. 

This week was good. We had a zone conference with President Willard and Sister Willard. Their daughter came home from her mission in Chile and they wanted everyone to meet here, so it was really good. One young man in our branch is going on his mission this week, and since it is a district, the Mission President sets apart missionaries. So, he went with us to the zone conference in Tarija. President asked my companion and I to accompany him in setting apart, so that was a neat experience. He doesnt have anyone to accompany him, so for this week, my companion and I are in a trio. Me, Elder Santos and this joven, Alvaro Correa. It´s been good, he´s a good kid. He leaves this week for his mission in Argentina
We really have so much work to do here in Bermejo. We may not have many people, but there are so many less actives as well as recient converts, that have stopped coming to church. We have to help the branch start working in the Work of Salvation. It is tough, because I feel like I am doing all that I can, and still not doing enough. But, little by little, we will start to see fruit.
I love you all so much and I am so happy for my friends that are returning home. Congrats to everyone and I cant wait to see you all.
I love you. 
-Elder Jensen
Me with the Christ that is in my area. very great view from up high. 

The Christ

Me getting ready for bed. The mosquitos got me...
I was itching so badly, but now I am okay. It´s what I get for not using repellent...

That´s me. I am a missionary of Jesus Christ. 

This year the church turns 50 years here in Bolivia, so they are doing a lot of activities and things to celebrate and to let more people know about us. This week, we had an activity for August 6, Indepence Day here in Bolivia. The members made food from the diferent departments here in Bolivia and they also danced their traditional dances. It was fun, and we were there to welcome all the visitors and to let people know about our message. It was good. 

The family that makes us lunch every day invited us to eat tacos, so we went there and ate tacos with them. Little tiny ones with just meat, tomatoes and guacamole. But it was still delicious!
I know it´s super blurry, but it´s fine. This week we had a zone conference in Tarija, the city 3 hours away. We got up early in the morning and we had to take a trufi (like a taxi) to the city. It is the craziest thing... The drivers drive super fast and there are tons of curves in the mountain road. It made another elder almost throw up. hahaha, but a good experience. That is my comp, Elder Santos from La Paz. 

Hi there family! 
This week, I am doing great. i am super excited, because like I told you last week, we had transfers. And like i guessed, I got transferred. Now, if you havent noticed, my entire mission I have been in one city, Santa Cruz. But, now with 21 months, President Willard sent me to Bermejo, at the border of Argentina.
Bermejo is a little town, and it is just a district of the mission, not a stake yet. In the town, there are 4 branches. My branch is Miraflores and it is the biggest and strongest branch of the town. We have a good attendance at church 120, and the Branch President is super great. His name is President Flores.
My companion is Elder Santos, from La Paz. He has 16 months in the mission. He works hard and is funny, so I am happy.
I am just so excited to finally be out of the city and to be able to help these members here for my last 3 months of my mission.

And not sure why, but this week, everyone in the entire world decided to email me, so I will send more info and pictures the next week.
Talk to you next week

-Elder Jensen

Monday, July 28, 2014

digging in to the chicken hearts
Hi everyone! I hope everything is going really well. I am doing great here in  Santa Cruz Bolivia. 

This week went by really fast. But, it was good. 
This week, my companion and I were able to finally finish teaching Martha Duran the 5 missionary lessons that we needed to teach so that she could officially be ¨rescued¨. It is great to see the changes in her. She fasted with us on Wednesday and told us that she is going to put her life in order and do everything like she should. Her kids are still rebellious and she was really sad about that, that she let her kids be the way they are. We read with her the story of Alma the Younger, when the angel appears to him. She understood that it will take a lot of faith, a lot of patience, and a lot of prayers, but the Lord will one day soften her sons hearts. 
It was a really good lesson. 

I sent you some pictures, I hope you like them. 

I love you all so much, I am doing great. wWe have transfers coming up this week again, so it is likely that I will be transferred. 

I love you 
Elder Jensen
chicken hearts


bishop's son

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This week was good. We are continually seeing the miracles of the Lord as another family was about get baptized. This week, the Dolorier family (Maximo, Diana and Patrick) were able to get baptized. Maybe they werent my investigators, but I have seen them progress as they listening to the missionaries. I love them and I was so happy to see them get baptized on Saturday.
I have realized I need more  patience. As hard as I have been working I felt a bit frustrated that more people arent coming to church... We still had a lot of people there, but less than I was expecting. I realized that the patience is the ability to work and trust the Lord, maybe without seeing the results that are wanted. Through the Lord Jesus Christ, I can be changed. I can be more patient, I can be changed.
This week, we are still working with Jonathan Cabello and Milton Cabello Jonathan is getting excited to get his life in order and send in his mission papers. I am happy for him, he is progressing. Milton is a bit harder, but still we are seeing progress.
The Duran family is also doing great. Martha is doing great, but she needs help. She has so much on her plate, but it´s great, we were able to teach about fasting, and she is so willing to fast to have the Lord´s help with her family ( teenage rebelious kids) her work (super busy single mom) and her calling (primary president). She asked us to fast with her on Wednesday to help her with everything. She is great. I´m so happy for her and the changes she has made in her life.
I love you all so much. I know the Lord lives. He lives and through his atonement we can be better, we can become new creatures, we can and will be cleansed through him.
I read today a talk about the mercy of Christ, it said that Christ already paid everything for our sins, the debt that we owe has already been paided, but Christ asks us to show how much we love him and appreciate what he did for us by living the gospel... obeying the commandments and just being good, happy people. I know this to be true and I know that I love my Lord and Savior.
I love you my family. Have a great week!
-Elder Jensen

Monday, July 14, 2014

Interesting How the Lord Works

It´s interesting, how the Lord works. I have been able to see that truly He knows what He is doing. And He prepared each of us before we were born.
This week, we have been working with two teenagers, Milton and his older brother Jonathon. They are less actives. They are 22 and 19 years old and we have been visiting them so they can go on a mission. They are the oldest brothers of 6 boys. Their mom is Sister Peregrina, a single mom, who doesnt make enough money to support her family. They are hurting bad for money, but we have explained and helped Jonathon understand that the Lord can take better care of his family than he can, so yesterday, he had an interview with the bishop and he is going to start his mission papers this week.
His little brother, Milton, is a bit harder. He doesnt have a testimony of the church, he has a desire to go on a mission, but he isnt doing anything to prepare himself, so we have been helping. Yesterday, it was so great see their entire family there in church.
I was able to truly see and feel what it is like to be a bishop here in Bolivia. It´s a bit different here in Bolivia. Everyone thinks that the Bishop has to do everything, and so they all go to him to ask for church manuals, chalk, or for everything. Yesterday, he was doing something for a ward activity on Saturday instead of doing Bishop-related work. I looked at him and asked, ¨Bishop, do you want help?¨  He looked at me and with a sigh of gratitude, said thanks. My comp and I took that and helped him with some other things. With my love and knowledge of computers, I have been helping them put the ward in order, since there isnt a ward clerk, and the other Exectutive Clerk does nothing, so the Bishop asked our help. It was stressful, for the one minute of having a tiny bit of having his responsibilities. I learned that Bishop Vidaurre is a great man and he was prepared and chosen from before the world was to be a Bishop in a ward in a stake of Zion. That is just so amazing to me.
This week, the ward members went to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead. It was so great to hear the words of a recient convert family, the Chavez family, Osman and Maria. They said that they felt just by going in the temple, they were changed, that they felt so much stronger and so much better. Sister Maria said, ¨After we finished, I didnt want to leave.¨ They felt the Lord´s spirit there in the temple and it was so great to hear and to feel the power of the Lord through them.
I know the church is true. I know it with all that I am and I know that the Lord lives. I know He has given us temples so we can feel just a tiny bit of what it is like in heaven. I know that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God and that he really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know that, it´s so clear to me now. I know it. I love it. And I will live it forever, forever being faithful to God.
I love you all so much. Thanks for the pictures and the videos of Oaks. I love her. Haha. Stay safe and be happy!
.- Elder Jensen

Monday, July 7, 2014

Twenty Months

You know, when one has 20 months in the mission, one starts to see things differently. Every moment is truly the best, I mean, maybe the people yell at me and things, but really as I have said in past letters, I have and will continue to be changed by the mission, by the Bolivian people and by the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This week, a couple things happened. 
We had the opportunity to listen to a city-wide training for the missionaries and ward leaders. Elder Uceda taught us how to work in the Work of Salvation. It was really good. I loved it as he spoke and taught us about union. That with separation, comes weakness. When we are together as ward members, missionaries, family members, parents, there is strength and the power of God. The Lord will help us when we are united in one... Just as in the times of old, we will become the Lord’s people...ZION: 

I also had an excellent interview with President Willard. He is the best man ever. I talked with both President and Sister Willard about... Well, really one thing, now that I have a little time left, we talked about what I want to do, what I want to be when I go home. We talked about my worries. President gave me excellent advice that made me understand more... He told me if I give all that I have in these last months, the Lord will give me all after the mission. It was a great experience being there with President and Sister Willard, talking and just feeling the spirit.

I learned even more love for these people here. It has been raining, my clothes and my socks are worn out, but I don’t want to buy new ones, because it doesn’t bother me that my socks have holes in them. I am trying to give everything I have, and not worry about the little things.  The members take care of us. I learned more about humility and service- we went to visit Brother Yuri Chavez and his wife Silvia, who have the goal to go to the temple to get sealed the first week of August. We entered their house, and since our shoes were super dirty we took them off. They saw my wet/worn out socks and they made me take off my socks and they gave me two new pairs. I felt such gratitude and love for these people. They are the best ever. 

I feel so blessed here in Bolivia. The Lord has had his hand in my mission and my life, changing me more than anyone else. And for that, I am super grateful. I know the Lord loves me. I know He is there taking care of us. I don’t understand how He knows me and my problems out of the billions of people in the world, but I know He is there listening to my humble prayers. I can never be good enough to be worthy of His love; I can never repay Him for what He has done for me in just these 2 years. 

With all the love in the world, I want to say thank you for everything that you do for me. Your strength, your prayers and your love are felt, even here in Santa Cruz. 


Elder Jensen

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Another week has passed by. I honestly don’t know where the week went. I was just working and doing everything like normal and now I find myself here in the internet café writing you. Time is passing fast, no? 

This week was great. We were able to witness the baptism of the sister Maria de Chavez. She is the wife of a recent convert- Osman Chavez. He got baptized about 7 months ago and since then, has been progressing and doing a lot in the church. Last week, he received the Melchizedek Priesthood, and Saturday, he baptized his wife. 
When he got baptized, his wife was the one who was most against him getting baptized. So, the Lord has worked a miracle in softening her heart and calling her to the discipleship of Jesus Christ. 
Osman was able to baptize and confirm his wife. it was so great as we saw the Spirit work in this family. 

Tomorrow, President Uceda, the Area President, is coming here and will train all the stakes/wards/missionaries in all of Santa Cruz. It should be good. And since my ward has experienced such a change in things, the Stake President told us that it is super likely that President Uceda calls us up front uses the ward as an example of how to do the Work of Salvation. 

I have grown to love the conference talks and the church magazines, they are the best.  Today I was reading a little bit in the November 2010 Liahona and I really liked this talk by Elder Uchtdorf. He says: First, our relationship with God is most sacred and vital. We are His spirit children. He is our Father. He desires our happiness. As we seek Him, as we learn of His Son, Jesus Christ, as we open our hearts to the influence of the Holy Spirit, our lives become more stable and secure. We experience greater peace, joy, and fulfillment as we give our best to live according to God’s eternal plan and keep His commandments.

We improve our relationship with our Heavenly Father by learning of Him, by communing with Him, by repenting of our sins, and by actively following Jesus Christ, for “no man cometh unto the Father, but by [Christ].” 10 To strengthen our relationship with God, we need some meaningful time alone with Him. Quietly focusing on daily personal prayer and scripture study, always aiming to be worthy of a current temple recommend—these will be some wise investments of our time and efforts to draw closer to our Heavenly Father. Let us heed the invitation in Psalms: “Be still, and know that I am God.” 11

Our second key relationship is with our families. Since “no other success can compensate for failure” here, we must place high priority on our families. We build deep and loving family relationships by doing simple things together, like family dinner and family home evening and by just having fun together. In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time. Taking time for each other is the key for harmony at home. We talk with, rather than about, each other. We learn from each other, and we appreciate our differences as well as our commonalities. We establish a divine bond with each other as we approach God together through family prayer, gospel study, and Sunday worship.

The third key relationship we have is with our fellowman. We build this relationship one person at a time—by being sensitive to the needs of others, serving them, and giving of our time and talents. I was deeply impressed by one sister who was burdened with the challenges of age and illness but decided that although she couldn’t do much, she could listen. And so each week she watched for people who looked troubled or discouraged, and she spent time with them, listening. What a blessing she was in the lives of so many people.

The fourth key relationship is with ourselves. It may seem odd to think of having a relationship with ourselves, but we do. Some people can’t get along with themselves. They criticize and belittle themselves all day long until they begin to hate themselves. May I suggest that you reduce the rush and take a little extra time to get to know yourself better. Walk in nature, watch a sunrise, enjoy God’s creations, ponder the truths of the restored gospel, and find out what they mean for you personally. Learn to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you—as His precious daughter or son with divine potential.

I love you all. You are the best family ever and I hope and pray for you all to be happy. Keep safe this week.

-Elder Jensen

Monday, June 23, 2014

This Week

Hi there everyone! I hope everything is going really well for everyone. I know for me it is going well, and I pray for you all the time so I know the Lord is taking care of you.

This week, we started another transfer cycle. My comp and I are still here in the area Guaracal 1, in the Cañoto stake... still here in Santa Cruz. 

This week was good. My companion and I talked and set some goals for this new transfer, for his last year in the mission, and for my last couple months in the mission. He wants help with his english so we have been practicing and talking english more. 

This week we visited and we are teaching more about Family History work and the eternal family. Last night, we passed by the Bishop´s house. Usually we pass by to ask him for favors or help with our investigators, but we thought that it was time to finally teach his family. We taught their family, and we realized that everyone needs help, whether they be bishop or stake president. We all need help, and especially in the Family History part of the Work of Salvation. I know the Lord will help us in this. 

UNTIL next week. 

--Elder Jensen

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This week in Santa Cruz was wet. It rained so much this week, we got drenched, and our clothes never dry, but I love it. This week was filled with miracles and with great things. I loved them.

This week, we worked so hard. We wanted to fill the chapel, as yesterday was the last Sunday of the transfer. We passed by less actives'  houses and we called people. We did everything we could. We  got to church on Sunday, at 8 in the morning for the Ward Council, then we went out to find people to go to church. We passed by some houses in hopes they would to go together. Every house we went to, they weren't there or they were getting ready. So, we went to the last house and we went to church with a less active family, the Limpias family. We got to church, just as it was getting started. It was super full. We were so happy. I thought, ¨wow, this is so great¨ but I realized that there was still people missing. 

We start singing the sacrament hymn, a group of people came. We start passing the sacrament (there are only 2 active deacons in the ward so sometimes we help.) as I was passing the sacrament, I glance outside the door - our chapel is 2 separate buildings 1. the chapel  and then the other building all the classrooms - I noticed more people coming. We finished passing. Opened the door. those people sat down somehow (not many seats left) and then 10 minutes later more people came. It was such a miracle... the biggest church attendence that I have had in my entire mission - 165 in the Sacrament meeting (when we got here the usual was like 112) It was so great!!

That is the biggest miracle that happened this week. I loved it so much. 

We have rescued the family Duran.. 3 sisters... Martha, Paola y Cinthia. They are all serving in the Primary Presidency. Maybe it was slow but the Lord has shown us miracles here in Guaracal. 

I am doing really great. I am happy and healthy and just enjoying the time here. 

Thanks for everything.
I love you all so much!

Until next week.
-Elder Jensen

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey everyone. I hope everything is doing really well. I am doing really well.

This week was good. I felt humbled today. I felt the love of our Father in Heaven in my life as yesterday my companion and I and the other missionaries in barrio Guaracal we were able to see miracles in the ward.

A recent convert was called to be Young Men´s President, a rescued less active, Martha Duran, was called to be Primary President- her sister, another rescued sister, Cinthia Duran, to be her first counselor. A less active family, Saulo and Fanny Ortiz, who had been inactive and had been talking bad about the ward to other members, came to church yesterday as a family. they had their interview with the Bishop and they told him that they want to come back to church and go to the temple.
The wife of the new member that got called to be Young Men´s President, Osman Chavez, came to church after a long time of always failing the sisters Baldridge and Ariza.

I am just humbled, as we do all we can do, and then the Lord does the rest. It is great to be a missionary in this time.

In my personal study, I finished the 4 gospels and started reading the book of Acts. I am completely convinced that if we pray with faith and we live righteously, we too will be able to see miracles in our lives- God never stopped being a God of Miracles. I have seen that in my mission.

I love this gospel. And I love you all. I know the Lord lives. and I know He loves us. I know that if we pray we can have more faith, and we can become more like Christ wants us to be.

I love you all so much. Sorry there isn't much this letter, but more next week.

Good Week

Hi there, I hope you are doing really well. I am doing really well.
Well, here in Santa Cruz, another week has passed. It was a strange week, because some days were super cold and others were hot. The weather is a bit strange here, but I love it, so all is well.
This week, we were able to see miracles in the mission. With a sister that we have been teaching for a while now, Ana Alcantara and her two daughters, usually we have an appointment with her Monday nights, with a member. We passed by on Thursday and she said, that she was so surprised to see us, because that day, she prayed to know what church is the truth, and then we showed up. She said she felt something telling her that that was her answer. I felt so honored to be a servant of the Lord and be able to help this sister. She wants to be baptized, but she doesn't have the support of her husband but we are working with her and we are praying that we can talk to the husband.
Yesterday, was a good day, well, really this whole week, but I liked yesterday. The morning was cold, which means that a lot of people stay in bed sleeping, including the active members. So, we got to church, there werent many people there. The meeting started. I just loved it. More and more people trickled in...investigators, less actives, active families. And every time people entered the room, I just felt love and I just felt so happy for them. Honestly, I love this ward, Guaracal. They are the best. Tons of people gave wonderful testimonies and I felt so good in that ward, even though it was cold outside, the chapel was full and we felt the spirit.
After, at night, we had a special meeting for all of the recent converts, and rescued less actives. The stake president, President Enrique, spoke and called on 3 people to bear their testimonies. All 3 of them were from Barrio Guaracal. Martha Duran, who we are rescuing, her sister Cinthia Duran, the other elders are visiting her. And a recient convert, Osman Chavez, who yesterday got called to be Young Mens President. I am so grateful for these people who are trying so hard to live the gospel.

I know the Lord loves us, and that we can be together forever with Him and our Heavenly Father. I know this thanks to the scriptures. I can feel the Lord´s love for us and I know He lives. I know it with all that I am. I know I am not perfect, but I will keep on trying to give Him my entire heart. I love Him.
And I love you all. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and your support. I love you so much.
Until next week,
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello all you people out there! 
Thanks for reading my blog and for sending my emails and love and support. I know you love me. And I love you. I know the Lord will protect you all.
Family and friends, 

This week was good. We were able to work with the word to go and search for members and help update the ward directory with names and telephone numbers. it was good to help the ward. We feel like we are helping and being more united with the ward.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Tomorrow is mothers day here in Bolivia so, mom, another happy mothers day!
I am super happy with my companion. His name is Elder Jerez, from Argentina. He is just a fun guy and we get along really well.
This week, I was able to finish the Book of Mormon again. I was reading and studying of how I can be more humble, and I was able to find a lot of new answers. I know as we come closer to Christ, he helps us become more like him. 
Since I was focused on finishing the Book of Mormon, I had set aside my reading of the New Testament, and now that I have finished with that goal, my new goal is read and learn more of the Savior as I read the New Testament. I am learning more and seeing more that I ever had before. I love it, as Christ taught, he kind of taught in code, those that wanted to hear and learn, they would understand, I am now understanding more as I constantly strive to be closer to Him. 

I love the people here. I have prayed so hard to love them, and I truly believe that the Lord has helped me finally love the Bolivian people. They make me laugh. They make me sad when they dont do what they said they would do, but I havent yet lost hope in them. They are a good people, and I know we will find more people that want to progress.
That is it for this week. I love you all very much and I hope that you are all happy. If you aren't happy, come closer to Christ. I know He will help you truly be happy!
I forgot to tell you, once more winter has come to Santa Cruz. It is humid and so cold. The winds are super strong. But, thankfully in my house, we have a/c so we cranked up the heat and sat underneath it. 
So, here is a picture of 4 of us in the morning huddling together on an extra matress in the house, trying to get warm. haha. 
-Elder Jensen

Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Week

Hey there everyone! I am here in an internet cafe writing you this day and I am super happy. This week was good. My companion and I were able to get a lot done to help the ward and to get things going in my area. Plus, the Lord showed us that He will help us in the work. 

On Tuesday, we had to go to the eye doctor because my companion is blind... well, less blind than I am, but still blind. We look like two goons with coke bottle glasses, but it was good that we went to the eye doctor because I was able to buy some new contact lenses which made me super happy. 

Wednesday, we had a training conference with President Willard and all the District Leaders and Zone Leaders in the city.    It was good. We learned a lot about how we need to do things the Lord´s way so as to have the spirit and to be able to do the things that He wants, since it is His work and His glory. 

We had a couple of great things happen that I would call miracles. We had like 3 or 4 people come up to us and ask us, ¨Elders, will you teach me the lessons?¨ something that, in my mission, has never happened. I know that the Lord is helping us with his work in his time, we just have to be humble and patient and the blessings will come. 

I want to share with you all something our Ward Mission Leader taught us. He is great. Our ward mission leader´s name is Hans Raldes. He knows a lot of doctrine and is constantly reading Liahonas or the Book of Mormon. He taught us a bit about the happiness and how to be happy. We told us, ¨the secret to happiness is obedience. If we obey God, we will be happy always. Only those who obey God are happy, no one else. There is no other way to be happy¨ 
I know that is true. I know that God wants us to be happy and that he gave us the way to find true happiness. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to happiness and obedience is part of it. 

I love you so much my family. You are so important to me and I hope you all have the best week of your lives this week. 

Until next monday, 
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 12, 2014

Todo Bigote!

Well, there it went, the last phone call home. It was great to be able to skype you all and actually have a good camera and internet connection. I hope you all had a good time talking to me and a Happy Mother´s Day to you mom and to Brooke!
Well, like you all heard, I got a new companion. He is Elder Jerez. He is from Argentina. He has a year in the mission. We get a long great. I am super happy to have him here in Guaracal.
Everything with me is going really well. I am happy and healthy and just doing really well, working in the Lord´s vineyard. Like they say here, ¨todo bigote (all is mustache)¨ or ¨todo esta chalinga (all is super good)¨
I know that the Lord has so much prepared for us. He wants us to be happy and to follow his path to be happy. I love this gospel and I love the opportunity that I have to share this gospel with others.
Yesterday, we passed by the house of a less active. We started talking with him, but I just kept feeling like there was something on his mind, or there was something there. I just paused, and just asked the question that was in my mind, ¨are you happy?¨ He started to cry and told us that he wasnt. We shared with him the way to be happy is to follow Christ. To be humble, to do the little things like pray and read the scriptures and, then we can be happy. I know that to be true.
I love you my family. You are all great and make me so happy. I just couldnt stop laughing or smiling yesterday, because you are all just great people. I am so thankful that we can be an eternal family. I love you so much.
So, last night, after talking with you all, we sat there with the Stake President, while the other elders spoke with their families. President Enrique is from Argentina, and just like sister Tatiana showed you, we started to ¨Matear¨ or drink Mate. Mate is an herb, and is super common in Argentina and in other countries, but mostly there. They put the herb in the poro, and then put in sugar and hot water. Before, I had never liked it very much, but when he made it, it is so good. I think it was because he put lime in it. And now I want to buy my own poro (the cup). I will bring some to the states if I can. He explained to me, that to share with someone Mate, it is a form of true friendship and trust, since one cup is passed around, they drink all the mate and then the cup is refilled with water and given to another person to drink. It was interesting to learn about another custom and culture of a people. 
They also gave us pancito (bread) and palta (avacado) to eat. It was a good experience to be in the house of the Enrique family. They are great, strong members of the church.

Until next week, 
Elder Jensen.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todos! I dont know why we think 5 de mayo is some kind of holiday when none of the Latins think it is a special day, but oh well, we are just like that. Or maybe it is just special in a certain country or something like that. 

My week was great. This week, we changed a couple things around, namely we changed our pension to a member of our ward, Yuri Chavez and his wife Silvia. They are great and they make great food. He is from here, and she is from Peru, so they make good food that isnt just the same as always. I am happy about that. 

We are continuing forward trying to work harder and more united with the ward members, we still are not super united like the prophet and President Willard want, but we are trying. We are seeing progress, the most notable in the church assistance, more and more people are coming, which is great. But, still the progress in other areas of the work still isnt where it should be... Like members presenting their friends, or coming with us to teach investigators. But, little by little. 

This week, we had a powerful lesson with a less active. Martha Duran, her son that was recently baptized, Andres and her sister, Paula Duran, a returned missionary, but also less active. We taught them about the atonement of Jesus Christ, combined with our purpose on Earth and we also talked about repentence and faith. The spirit was so strong as we testified and taught about the Lord´s sacrifice and how we can use the power of the Atonement to return to live with God again. I really felt so good and I felt renewed understanding of our purpose on Earth and how we can become closer to Christ, through the power of the atonement. 

I am continually learning about the importance of humility and patience and charity. These are things that I have never been good as but, through daily study and prayer, I have been able to come closer to Christ, and thereby, I have, at some degree been able to become more patient, more humble, more charitable and more dependant on Christ. I am still not perfect, I never will be, but I know that as we come closer to Christ, our character changes. In Mosiah 3:19 it teaches us, that as we learn and strive to follow Christ, our nature changes... it isnt coincidence or anything, we literally become Saints, or disciples of Jesus Christ. he helps us as we strive to be like him. I just want to be like Him and to help others as well come unto Him- whether I be a missionary or a member of the Church, I have the responsibility to share and to bring others to Christ. Through my example, it is possible. 

I love you all so much. I know Christ lives. I love Him and I know He loves me. I will call you, dad, today to make sure Skype works, and then I will call you on Sunday at like 3 your time. If I can'
t get through, dont worry, I will get ahold of you some how. Haha. 

Please be safe. Be happy. Smile. Pray for missionary opportunities. 
I love you so much. 

I cant wait to talk to you!
-Elder Jensen