Thursday, July 24, 2014

This week was good. We are continually seeing the miracles of the Lord as another family was about get baptized. This week, the Dolorier family (Maximo, Diana and Patrick) were able to get baptized. Maybe they werent my investigators, but I have seen them progress as they listening to the missionaries. I love them and I was so happy to see them get baptized on Saturday.
I have realized I need more  patience. As hard as I have been working I felt a bit frustrated that more people arent coming to church... We still had a lot of people there, but less than I was expecting. I realized that the patience is the ability to work and trust the Lord, maybe without seeing the results that are wanted. Through the Lord Jesus Christ, I can be changed. I can be more patient, I can be changed.
This week, we are still working with Jonathan Cabello and Milton Cabello Jonathan is getting excited to get his life in order and send in his mission papers. I am happy for him, he is progressing. Milton is a bit harder, but still we are seeing progress.
The Duran family is also doing great. Martha is doing great, but she needs help. She has so much on her plate, but it´s great, we were able to teach about fasting, and she is so willing to fast to have the Lord´s help with her family ( teenage rebelious kids) her work (super busy single mom) and her calling (primary president). She asked us to fast with her on Wednesday to help her with everything. She is great. I´m so happy for her and the changes she has made in her life.
I love you all so much. I know the Lord lives. He lives and through his atonement we can be better, we can become new creatures, we can and will be cleansed through him.
I read today a talk about the mercy of Christ, it said that Christ already paid everything for our sins, the debt that we owe has already been paided, but Christ asks us to show how much we love him and appreciate what he did for us by living the gospel... obeying the commandments and just being good, happy people. I know this to be true and I know that I love my Lord and Savior.
I love you my family. Have a great week!
-Elder Jensen

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