Monday, August 11, 2014

Church Turns 50 in Bolivia

Hello there everyone out there! I hope everything is going really well and that you´re all happy! 

This week went by super fast! I cant believe it is Monday again. So crazy. 

This week was good. We had a zone conference with President Willard and Sister Willard. Their daughter came home from her mission in Chile and they wanted everyone to meet here, so it was really good. One young man in our branch is going on his mission this week, and since it is a district, the Mission President sets apart missionaries. So, he went with us to the zone conference in Tarija. President asked my companion and I to accompany him in setting apart, so that was a neat experience. He doesnt have anyone to accompany him, so for this week, my companion and I are in a trio. Me, Elder Santos and this joven, Alvaro Correa. It´s been good, he´s a good kid. He leaves this week for his mission in Argentina
We really have so much work to do here in Bermejo. We may not have many people, but there are so many less actives as well as recient converts, that have stopped coming to church. We have to help the branch start working in the Work of Salvation. It is tough, because I feel like I am doing all that I can, and still not doing enough. But, little by little, we will start to see fruit.
I love you all so much and I am so happy for my friends that are returning home. Congrats to everyone and I cant wait to see you all.
I love you. 
-Elder Jensen
Me with the Christ that is in my area. very great view from up high. 

The Christ

Me getting ready for bed. The mosquitos got me...
I was itching so badly, but now I am okay. It´s what I get for not using repellent...

That´s me. I am a missionary of Jesus Christ. 

This year the church turns 50 years here in Bolivia, so they are doing a lot of activities and things to celebrate and to let more people know about us. This week, we had an activity for August 6, Indepence Day here in Bolivia. The members made food from the diferent departments here in Bolivia and they also danced their traditional dances. It was fun, and we were there to welcome all the visitors and to let people know about our message. It was good. 

The family that makes us lunch every day invited us to eat tacos, so we went there and ate tacos with them. Little tiny ones with just meat, tomatoes and guacamole. But it was still delicious!
I know it´s super blurry, but it´s fine. This week we had a zone conference in Tarija, the city 3 hours away. We got up early in the morning and we had to take a trufi (like a taxi) to the city. It is the craziest thing... The drivers drive super fast and there are tons of curves in the mountain road. It made another elder almost throw up. hahaha, but a good experience. That is my comp, Elder Santos from La Paz. 

Hi there family! 
This week, I am doing great. i am super excited, because like I told you last week, we had transfers. And like i guessed, I got transferred. Now, if you havent noticed, my entire mission I have been in one city, Santa Cruz. But, now with 21 months, President Willard sent me to Bermejo, at the border of Argentina.
Bermejo is a little town, and it is just a district of the mission, not a stake yet. In the town, there are 4 branches. My branch is Miraflores and it is the biggest and strongest branch of the town. We have a good attendance at church 120, and the Branch President is super great. His name is President Flores.
My companion is Elder Santos, from La Paz. He has 16 months in the mission. He works hard and is funny, so I am happy.
I am just so excited to finally be out of the city and to be able to help these members here for my last 3 months of my mission.

And not sure why, but this week, everyone in the entire world decided to email me, so I will send more info and pictures the next week.
Talk to you next week

-Elder Jensen

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