Monday, September 22, 2014

One Month!

Good morning family! I hope you are already doing super well. 

This week was great! 

 President  Flores and his family made it back here. President is super excited to get to work after his little vacation. They gave me my package with food in it, thanks for that... I´ve been munching on the snacks since I got them, I feel fat. Haha 
They all had wonderful things to say about you all. They tell me that I am exactly like dad, and that mom cried and they told me that you are so excited to see your little boy. When they talked about you, I couldnt stop smiling, I was so happy to hear news from you all and stuff. 

Basilio Mamani is progressing well. He had his baptismal interview yesterday and everything went great! So, he will be baptized this Saturday!
We really dont know what happened to Abraham Arce. He was so excited to get baptized and to go to church, but I think he went on a trip and wasnt able to make it back on time to go to church. So, we´ll have to wait a couple more weeks until he can get baptized. 

We are seeing so many good things now in the area. More people are coming to church, more people are willing to serve in their callings. I have noticed that there is more excitement in the branch than when I got here. Things are going great... Now to just continue on until the end!

I love you all so much . You are all great and I cant wait to see you all in a months time! 
Talk to you next week!
-Elder Jensen

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