Monday, August 18, 2014

Sixty-Seven Days!

This week in the mission, like I said last week, we had a third companion, Elder Correa. It was a lot of fun to work with him for a week before he left for his mission. His mom isn't a member, but she supported him in his decision, well, until the last couple days before he left. His last day, Wednesday, we ate lunch with him and his whole family. They made a Napolitana, a dish from Argentina. -- So great, I love it. Anyway, his mom was super sad and super worried about everything. She started asking us questions about the mission, if it is hard or what it´s like, what was my experience when I left on the mission. We talked about things and I told her that really the time passes so fast, that her son, before she knows it will be coming home. A changed man, a better man of God. That is what happened to me... This week passed so incredibly fast, I honestly dont remember much that we did... Other than work super hard...
Like I told you last week, we have our work cut out for us here in Bermejo in Miraflores. There are so many less actives here and even the people that got baptized arent going to church that much, so we have so much to do. But I am happy and I am doing really great. This week we are helping the branch organize the branch lists. No one really knows how to use a computer really well here, and even less know about the church system MLS. So, the Branch President asked me to help him with a couple projects and things with the computer and with MLS. I guess, finally I am putting to good use all my knowledge and skills on the computer. I am doing really well and working hard to finish off the mission.

This week we found a couple new people to teach, one is Abraham Arce, he is the husband of a less active sister, they have a 2 year old son. We have taught them a couple times and he committed to baptism, to leaving behind the alcohol and to going to church, and yesterday they went to church! It was so good to see them there... And they got there on time too! So great. 
The other sister we are teaching is Elenir Nieves. Her sister is member of the church but in the other branch. Her mom died recently so we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she really liked it. She accepted a baptismal date for September. I am super happy for her.
That´s about it for the week. Like I said, it passed by so fast and I dont remember much. 
But, I love you so much. I cant wait to see you all.
I love you. 
-Elder Jensen

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