Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Week

Hey there everyone! I am here in an internet cafe writing you this day and I am super happy. This week was good. My companion and I were able to get a lot done to help the ward and to get things going in my area. Plus, the Lord showed us that He will help us in the work. 

On Tuesday, we had to go to the eye doctor because my companion is blind... well, less blind than I am, but still blind. We look like two goons with coke bottle glasses, but it was good that we went to the eye doctor because I was able to buy some new contact lenses which made me super happy. 

Wednesday, we had a training conference with President Willard and all the District Leaders and Zone Leaders in the city.    It was good. We learned a lot about how we need to do things the Lord´s way so as to have the spirit and to be able to do the things that He wants, since it is His work and His glory. 

We had a couple of great things happen that I would call miracles. We had like 3 or 4 people come up to us and ask us, ¨Elders, will you teach me the lessons?¨ something that, in my mission, has never happened. I know that the Lord is helping us with his work in his time, we just have to be humble and patient and the blessings will come. 

I want to share with you all something our Ward Mission Leader taught us. He is great. Our ward mission leader´s name is Hans Raldes. He knows a lot of doctrine and is constantly reading Liahonas or the Book of Mormon. He taught us a bit about the happiness and how to be happy. We told us, ¨the secret to happiness is obedience. If we obey God, we will be happy always. Only those who obey God are happy, no one else. There is no other way to be happy¨ 
I know that is true. I know that God wants us to be happy and that he gave us the way to find true happiness. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to happiness and obedience is part of it. 

I love you so much my family. You are so important to me and I hope you all have the best week of your lives this week. 

Until next monday, 
Elder Jensen

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