Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey everyone. I hope everything is doing really well. I am doing really well.

This week was good. I felt humbled today. I felt the love of our Father in Heaven in my life as yesterday my companion and I and the other missionaries in barrio Guaracal we were able to see miracles in the ward.

A recent convert was called to be Young Men´s President, a rescued less active, Martha Duran, was called to be Primary President- her sister, another rescued sister, Cinthia Duran, to be her first counselor. A less active family, Saulo and Fanny Ortiz, who had been inactive and had been talking bad about the ward to other members, came to church yesterday as a family. they had their interview with the Bishop and they told him that they want to come back to church and go to the temple.
The wife of the new member that got called to be Young Men´s President, Osman Chavez, came to church after a long time of always failing the sisters Baldridge and Ariza.

I am just humbled, as we do all we can do, and then the Lord does the rest. It is great to be a missionary in this time.

In my personal study, I finished the 4 gospels and started reading the book of Acts. I am completely convinced that if we pray with faith and we live righteously, we too will be able to see miracles in our lives- God never stopped being a God of Miracles. I have seen that in my mission.

I love this gospel. And I love you all. I know the Lord lives. and I know He loves us. I know that if we pray we can have more faith, and we can become more like Christ wants us to be.

I love you all so much. Sorry there isn't much this letter, but more next week.

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