Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Forty Six Days Left!

Hey there family!

It´s true what Elder Bednar told us when he came to Bolivia about a year and a half ago, ¨Time doesnt exist in the eternities. So, when we are closer to the Lord and we have His spirit, the faster time seems to go.¨

This week, I experimented that. The time is flying past so fast. Just 6 more weeks until i see you guys. How is that even possible? Wow.

This week I start my last transfer in the mission. tomorrow the Zone Leaders will call and tell me where I will finish my mission. The end is coming. But, with the end of my mission, my new life will start, with all the things I have experienced in the mission and all the things I have learned. A new Chandler. A new disciple of Jesús Christ. A new start and a new life. I am excited to go home and see everyone, and a bit sad to leave Bolivia. But, it´s fine because with technology and Facebook and everything, I can still talk with the people I love here.

This past week, I started to read more church books. I started to read the Teachings of the Presidents books. In our house there are a bunch. Last week, I read Spencer W. Kimball´s book and now I am reading Wilford Woodruff. They are great books, and I love their teachings and their words. So full of power and of the spirit. I am learning a lot and I am taking advantage of the time I have left here.

This week we worked super hard to find new people and to teach the doctrine of the Lord. We found new people... A great family... But, they dont live in my área, they live in the área of the sister missionaries. So, we passed the reference along. We are still working with Abraham Arce, but he is having problems with leaving behind the virgins and the saints of the Catholic church. Even though we taught him and we read the scriptures together that explain it clearly, it´s not that easy for him to leave something behind that he has always done. So, we´ll continue to pray for him and help him with that.

I love this mission. I love my mission, because I have the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest men the world has ever known... As I bear testimony of the living Lord and Savior, I stand with Paul from the New Testament, Isaiah from the Old Testament, Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Spencer and the modern day apostles of the Lord. And even, I stand with the Lord himself. I know He is there. I know He lives and that He loves us. I know this and so much more. My mouth, and well, right now- my fingers can´t describe what I truly feel inside. It´s the best feeling I have ever felt and I truly love these Bolivian people and I love the Lord. I want to follow Him in all things, and in all ways. I wish I could be even better from him.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Until next week,
Elder Jensen

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