Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This week in Santa Cruz was wet. It rained so much this week, we got drenched, and our clothes never dry, but I love it. This week was filled with miracles and with great things. I loved them.

This week, we worked so hard. We wanted to fill the chapel, as yesterday was the last Sunday of the transfer. We passed by less actives'  houses and we called people. We did everything we could. We  got to church on Sunday, at 8 in the morning for the Ward Council, then we went out to find people to go to church. We passed by some houses in hopes they would to go together. Every house we went to, they weren't there or they were getting ready. So, we went to the last house and we went to church with a less active family, the Limpias family. We got to church, just as it was getting started. It was super full. We were so happy. I thought, ¨wow, this is so great¨ but I realized that there was still people missing. 

We start singing the sacrament hymn, a group of people came. We start passing the sacrament (there are only 2 active deacons in the ward so sometimes we help.) as I was passing the sacrament, I glance outside the door - our chapel is 2 separate buildings 1. the chapel  and then the other building all the classrooms - I noticed more people coming. We finished passing. Opened the door. those people sat down somehow (not many seats left) and then 10 minutes later more people came. It was such a miracle... the biggest church attendence that I have had in my entire mission - 165 in the Sacrament meeting (when we got here the usual was like 112) It was so great!!

That is the biggest miracle that happened this week. I loved it so much. 

We have rescued the family Duran.. 3 sisters... Martha, Paola y Cinthia. They are all serving in the Primary Presidency. Maybe it was slow but the Lord has shown us miracles here in Guaracal. 

I am doing really great. I am happy and healthy and just enjoying the time here. 

Thanks for everything.
I love you all so much!

Until next week.
-Elder Jensen

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