Monday, January 27, 2014

Good monday everyone! I am doing great this week! And I hope you guys too.
So, some cool stuff happened this week:
1- We got a phone call that we would be having an emergancy transfer this week... But, instead of one us going to another area, we got put in a trio. Now it is Elder Colque, me and Elder Avila. Elder Avila is my great friend from my MTC group and now it is just super great and I am super happy with the changes. He got put with me on Thursday, because tomorrow Elder Colque leaves on the plane to his real mission- Venezuela. So, until then, it is the three of us.
We are having more success. The members are improving and are helping us a lot more now. The bishop is getting on board with us and helping with the missionary work. He gave us three yesterday to talk in sacrament meeting about the missionary work and it was a really great Sunday, the members liked the messages and they are getting more excited about the work... Which is a drastic change from when I got to this area- Abundancia, 6 months ago.
We are also moving forward with rescuing people. We are now helping reactive the Loayza family... well the dad, who I told you guys about, David Loayza. He has been inactive for 20 years, but now he wants to put his life in order so he can baptize his 8, 14 and 15 year old sons. And also his wife. It is great and I love to go their house, because the dad knows the church is true and helps us teach his family. Yesterday, for the first time in 20 years, David went to church and took the sacrament and bore his testimony in Priesthood. It was so good to seem him there, and his family loved the church. They have a goal to be baptized on the 8th of February. We will continue with him.
I have learned this week a lot about a good attitude. I need to have a good attitude, even when things are tough, and I know in my letters, I havent always been happy and I am sorry about that. I am really enjoying my mission, I love the work and everything is great... But you guys know how I am- super hard on myself and everything. But dont even worry, I am doing great. I mean, why wouldnt I be, I am a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have learned 2 new languages - Spanish and the language of the Holy Ghost (personal revelation). I know more than ever that God loves us and that we are not just lost forever to be sad, we are supposed to be happy and God gives us everything to be happy--- Especially our families.
Still trying to work with the family Chappy- They need more faith and need to pray to God to know if the things are really true. Really, that is what we all need to do, whether we are members or not... We need to pray to God to know if the church is true and if Thomas Spencer Monson is a prophet of God, and I know that he is, because I prayed to know if it is true and God answered my prayer. I know that I may not be perfect, but the Lord loves me still.

That is all for this week... I LOVE YOU!!!
-Elder Jensen

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