Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! I hope New Years was great for everyone and that 2014 is a super great year.
So, Monday, after writing my letter, we went to say good bye to our investigators, just in case if one of us was leaving because of the transfers. Sister Mery Chappy and her family were sad, but they told us they would keep learning and keep going with the church even if one of us, my companion or I, left. It was good hearing that.
We said our good byes, the daughter Yessenia gave me a gift to remember her by (a mystery novel in Spanish) and we went on our way. About 10 minutes later, the Zone Leaders called and told us that both Elder Colque and I would be staying here in our area Abundancia for another transfer. Which means, I will be here in Abundancia for 6 months.
Some other stuff that happened this week. 
New Years Eve- Tuesday was crazy with fireworks. We worked like normal that day, but we had to be in the house by 8 at night. At night, we just tried to sleep. We didnt do anything fun or anything, just tried to sleep, but it was tough because it was basically like there was a war going on outside with all the fireworks. Oh there was just so much noise. But, around 1 or 2, it finally stopped and we were able to sleep.
Mery Chappy and family-
We saw that the adversary is working hard on this family so they dont progress. They started to read the Docrine Principles book and they got super confused and started doubting a little bit about things. But, we explained things, they still have a bit of doubt but they are still progressing and they went to church again, and they liked it. 
Also, Yessensia, the 18 year old daughter really wanted to get a big tattoo on her leg. We taught her about how our bodies are temples and that we shouldnt have tattoos. She told us that she was still going to do it, but that she would think about what we talked about. We were really worried for our next visit with them, to see if she had the tattoo done.
We got there, and she didnt have the tattoo. She told us that she really wanted to do it, but she feels like someone is watching her, telling her not to do it, and making her feel shameful if she would do it (not just the tattoo, but also other things like taking vegetables from the market without paying and stuff). It was amazing to hear how the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost are truly changing her heart and guiding her to do the right. 
Not just Yessenia, but also Mery (the mom) and Andrea the neice both told us that they felt different since listening to us and going to church.
That is about it this letter. Nothing much newsworthy happened. Just here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, as a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and loves us. I know that the church is true and that it helps us live the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the plan that God has so we can return to live with Him forever. I may not be perfect, but I know Christ will always be there for us, even if we arent perfect.

I love you all so much. I will talk to you next week.
-Elder Jensen

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