Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3

Hey there everyone! I am still here. Alive and doing well.
So, some exciting things are happening.
1- New companion- Elder Avila from Arizona. 
Last week, I told you all that I was in a trio with Elder Colque and Elder Avila. So, on Tuesday night, we went to the mission offices to drop Elder Colque off so he could go to his real mission- Venezuela Barcelona. So, Monday and Tuesday basically he just wanted to go around to the members and investigators and say good bye and everything. So, that was fun.
So, we dropped Elder Colque off at the mission offices and then Elder Avila and I went back to our house. We had heard rumors that President was going to seperate us, but after talking to President, he told us he was going to put Elder Avila in another area, but he decided not to. So, that means, my great friend Elder Avila is my companion. 
He is from Arizona. We already knew each other really well and we get along great. We just laugh and have a blast while we walk through the streets. He is a great worker. He wants to work and he has great new ideas how to help the ward even more. So, basically I am just super happy about the change in companions. This week, we worked really hard and we are beginning to see great things.
2- The Loayza family- David, Lidia, Junior, Julio, Jorge, and TitiƱo (it is his nickname... Dont remember his real name. )
The Loayza family are so great. They are moving forward and are super excited for their baptism, of the mom and the three oldest boys. David Loayza is doing all that he can to meet with the bishop, to be able to be worthy so he can baptize his family. It is great the changes that we have seen in the family... They werent married, they werent obeying the word of wisdom and a couple other commandments, but after we taught the family about everything- They got married this past Saturday and they threw out all the wine/alcohol bottles that they had in their house. They are so great and I love to be with them. 
I am a bit sad, because the ward wants to push their baptism back one week, so everything can be properly planned out and stuff for a little party they want to do... Which means, if we do push it back, they will get baptized the 15th, which is three days after the cambios (I am assuming that I will be leaving- since I now have 6 months in this area, but we shall see)
3- The Work
The work is moving forward. The members are getting more excited as they see that we are working hard and as more and more people are visiting the church for the first time. Every week, we have people there in the chapel for the first time... Whether it be through our efforts, or we have had a couple that members have brought so they can get to know the church. It still isnt perfect, but through little things, the work is moving forward- we now have a Ward Mission Leader that is really excited to get to work and we are receiving more member support to go and teach the people. 
Good things are happening in Barrio Abundancia. The Lord is truly blessing us as we move forward with faith, following the words of the prophet... to work more with the members.

4-This week, since my companion and I are both from the states, we have been speaking english together... Which is so funny, because our brains are now used to Spanish. So, we speak english as if it were Spanish... in the same form. Like for example, we were talking about how everyone in Santa Cruz wears really short shorts, and Elder Avila said, ¨Why cant you just wear shorts long?!!¨.... right, I guess it is probably just funny if you speak spanish... Or if your names are Elder Jensen or Elder Avila, but we just basically busted up laughing. 

Basically this week was great. I love my companion and I love my area- I totally wouldnt mind if President told me I would be here in Abundancia for another transfer. Good things are happening. The Lord is blessing us with miracles every day. I love it.
Thank you so much for everything you do. Thanks for the emails and for the cards. I love to hear from you all.

Until next week!
Love Elder Jensen!

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