Monday, January 13, 2014


Good morning my family!!! How are you all doing? I am doing great here in sunny Santa Cruz!
This week was normal with it´s ups and downs, nothing super special, but just normal. So here is what happened in my week:
After writing to you on Monday morning, we went to the mission offices to talk to President Willard about some questions we had about the temple and the whole sealing process. Basically we wanted to know specifically what Mery Chappy could do since her husband died and she wasnt married to him by law, so we just didnt know if it was going to be possible if she could get sealed to him.
Something that I didnt know, and that I learned, was to be sealed as a family, it stems from the father and mother being married by law first and then the family can be sealed together as an eternal family. I guess I just had never thought about that, but it makes sense. 
Honestly, President Willard is so great. He just is full of love and of the spirit and when I talk with him, I just want to stay there with him talking for hours about doctrine and Christ.

We found a couple new people this week that we challenged to baptism. All of whom are part member families and that we are trying to reactivate the inactive member in their family. For example, we challenged Mirta to baptism, and we are trying to reactivate her inactive husband Herlan. Same with we challenged Junior and Julio to baptism, and we are trying to reactivate their inactive dad, David Loayza. It is pretty tough to reactivate people that have been inactive for years. But, I know that we can do it with the Lord´s help.
Umm... On Friday, I went to another area on a missionary exchange. My district leader came to my area with my companion and I went to his area with his companion, Elder Evenson. It was good to get away from the stress of my area for a day and to help an investigator understand the gospel of Jesus Christ- Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost and Endure to the End. And it was fun just to be with another companion for a day.
So, with Mery Chappy and her family, we are coming closer to the baptism and the adversary is doing all that he can to make it so they dont get baptized. The daughter Yessenia, decided she wanted to get a huge tattoo on her leg, and even after teaching her that God doesnt want us to do things to our bodies, she got the tattoo. And Mery started saying that the church and the gospel are strict and hard to follow, so she started doubting that she could be baptized on the 25th without knowing a lot more. But, we are helping her understand the things and praying our hearts out that she and her family will be prepared and that their hearts will be softened so they can get baptized.
Hhmm... This week, for the second time in my mission, I ate Panza (cow stomach) I hate the texture - it is like a sponge - but, luckly, the type of food that Mery made was super spicy and I loved the flavor of the spices and everything so I was able to eat the panza... Still dont like panza.

I love you all so much. I pray for your happiness and that the Lord will guide us all so we can obey Him and have true happiness. I know that happiness comes from obeying God and following His son Jesus Christ- It is the only way we can be truly happy or to have His guidance in our lives.
I will talk to you next week!
-Elder Jensen

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