Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello everyone! I am doing great!  This week was long, and interesting, but great.I know the Lord is constantly trying to teach me things so that I am a better person.
This week, my companion got a call telling him that his visa came through to go to his real mission- Venezuela Barcelona. Which made him really nervous and really happy at the same time. Tuesday night, we had to go to the asistant´s house and sleep there, because Wednesday morning he had to go to La Paz to do all the paperwork and stuff to get his visa.

Which means, that on Wednesday, I just stayed with the people in the mission offices. It was fun, because I got to see elders from the north mission that I havent seen for a long time. We just sat and talked until my companions flight arrived.
Also, Wednesday, we had a zone conference with President Willard. It was different this time, because he was really worried about the number of missionaries that arent doing good things with our cell phones, now that we all have them. So, he spoke about how we have to be golden missionaries, if we want the Lord to show us the golden investigators. It was good, the conference. The first part, he talked about that, and then the second part, we talked more about how we can work more with the members and how the Lord has many miracles prepared for us, even doubling the number of baptisms in the mission. 
It was good as always to hear and learn from President and Sister Willard.
Friday, I had a missionary exchange with my zone leader... Elder Rodriguez from Guatemala, Guatemala City. It was super great. He is an example to me... Always happy and enjoying the work, even when the area isnt the best or things like that. We talked about how I need to just enjoy the work, and I need to just be myself, happy and fun, even if my companion doesnt want to have fun or anything. It was really good.
This week, it was a bit hard with the Chappy family, because more doubts started to come up, especially about living prophets. We talked in church yesterday about living prophets in the Gospel Principles class, that I taught, and they just didnt understand why we needed a prophet and why the Lord couldnt just talk to each and everyone of us. It made me be extremely grateful that we do have a prophet to warn us and teach us what the Lord wants us to know. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ and that he is the Lord´s voice today. i know that with my whole heart.
We are always continuing forward with the Loayza family. Junior and Julio... 15 and 14 years old. They are great and want to be baptized. Now to just reactivate the dad and talk to the mom about baptism too. It is a bit hard though, since they travel a ton. This week though, we have an appointment to talk to them about marriage and everything. I know they will listen and will come to Christ again.

a little old lady made us do lawn work in her house on Saturday. After cutting her grass with machettes and everything, we sat down and she gave us lunch. While we sat and ate, we talked and everything. She gave me liver and rice... the first half was okay, but when it got cold, the liver was bitter which wasnt good. But I had to eat it. Haha.
Anyway, I love you so much
Until next week.
-Elder jensen

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