Monday, July 1, 2013

Hot Water!

Hi there my family! 
What is up? 

Basically, I am super great! This week, I dont know, I just loved it. Nothing super special happened. Just loving the mission. 

Up until now, I didnt know a thing called hot water existed in Bolivia. In my 6 months here in Bolivia, we have just had cold showers and on the cold days, I dreaded getting in the shower in the cold morning. But, this week, we messed with some wires on our shower (it is a shower head that has wires to heat the water as it comes out of the shower head) and we got hot water. Now I just sit there in the shower loving my life. 

This week was the last week of President Calderon, and today starts our new president, President Willard. Apparently he served in California and spoke English mostly, so he speaks Spanish like a gringo. But, I am super excited to see what changes are coming our way. 

Monday, we stayed in our house all day because my companion was sick, same with Tuesday. 

We are starting to know more members, so we go and teach a little message in the members house so they can work with us, like the World Training told us to do. Then they give me food, which I am always hungry, so they just keep giving me more. I like the food here now, it isnt AMAZING like Chase is eating but its good. Carne or chicken, rice, a potato or two and some Chamomille tea.

We are still working here in our area. I am learning to have some fun but still work hard. I know that is why the Lord put me with my companion. He is hilarious and super fun, but we work hard. I needed to learn how and he is teaching me. 

I just got Uncle Eric´s DearElder. Thank you! I love getting mail to let me know you still love me. Haha.

Just still here in Bolivia, loving the work and teaching the lost children of our Father in Heaven who need the truth. 

Umm... until next week. 
I love you!
.Elder Jensen

P.S. Just saying, it is faster and easier for anyone to email me. Now we can email everyone and I have more time, so anyone, EMAIL ME!

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