Monday, June 24, 2013

On the Lord's Errand in Bolivia

This weeks story is all about a man that my companion and I call ¨nuestro amigo¨

We were walking as normally as ever on Friday, when my companion told me that there was a man in a house waving to us and pointing to us to come in. I didn’t see him, so we walked back a tiny bit to the house we had passed. He was there still waving at us. We didn’t understand if we should enter his home or not, but as he continued to wave to us, we went for it and entered into his home. 
Nuestro Amigo was outside sitting on a chair, and as we got closer to him, he picked up his right arm and right leg and let them drop, letting us know that half of his body doesn’t work. He couldn’t talk either except for grunts. But, he motioned for us to sit down and teach him. 
He understood us perfectly; just his body was damaged. So, we taught him about the resurrection and that his body will be made perfect. The joy in his eyes just made it all worth it. We offered to give him a blessing of strength and peace, he grunted yes and we gave him a blessing. I just felt that God loves him. After as we said good-bye, he grasped our hands tightly to say thank you with tears and joy in his eyes.

Then right before leaving, he pointed to me, and then to my companion, and then he pointed up. And even though his body is damaged and he couldn’t say anything else, he managed to say, ¨de Dios¨
He recognized us as the Lord’s servants and that we are on the Lord’s errand. The Spirit was there so strong and I loved it. 
So, there you have it. This week’s story.

As for the world training, our president didn’t even tell us anything about it, so we had to call him to ask permission. He told us we could go, if our weekly numbers are good. Which I disagree with, but whatever... But, our numbers are good, so we could’ve gone if my companion didn’t get sick after church. So, we spent the day in the hospital waiting for his test results. (my first time going to the hospital when it wasn’t me that was sick) but all is good with him now. Just is sick because of the weather. 

The other companionship in my ward went and they told us a little about it. How missionaries are wasting way too much time finding and contacting people... Which is entirely what my mission does. I know everything is going to change with this new president.

Oh, the weather. It is officially winter here in Santa Cruz…rainy and cold and with the humidity, it is STINKIN cold. I will attach a picture of me and the other gringo in my ward, Elder Morris from Arizona. The other is of my companion, Elder Gueto and me.  But, all is well, my big jacket and my scarf from the Claytons saved my life. 

AND what every mom loves to hear

Two things mom...

One, will you make sure that my card has money on it? I have to buy our weekly groceries with it today, because my mission is poor and doesnt have money. Thanks

Two, I have to ask, no, beg forgiveness of you. 
I have learned here in the mission more about life and God than anything else. I understand now why you always wanted a clean house and why you always told me that it is just easier to clean things right away. I understand now, mom, living with three other guys who are not clean. It is driving me crazy that our house is dirty. 

Also, for your amazing cooking ability. Thank you mom. Seriously, you have no idea how much I miss your food. Haha. 

Here in Bolivia, if the kids do something wrong, the parents, most of the time, call them stupid and that they don't have brains. They yell at them for the littlest things and sometimes hit them. It is very common. 

Mom, I love you so much. You are the most amazing mom there ever was in this earth. I want my wife to be like you, mom. I miss you, I love you, and I dont know how but, could you ever forgive me for all those days where you went into my room and found a disaster? All those days that I didnt clean or do what you asked?

Please forgive me mom. 

(Told you you would like this email)

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