Monday, July 15, 2013

Short & Sweet

Hi there! 

Well, I really got nothing to say this week because we barely left the house except to go to the hospital. 
My companion was feeling gross Tuesday and then at 2 in the morning he woke me up and was shivering really bad. I took him to the hospital and he had dengue, the mosquito virus that is common here. So we were just stuck in the house until yesterday, when they told us it would be okay to work again. 

Oh, also, we got to know President Willard. He is great and super young and a spiritual giant. Reminds me of President Wade. We met together as a zone in the mission house and presented ourselves and just got to know them. I felt the spirit really strong. 

Ummm... We have an investigator that we are preparing for baptism, her name is Wara and she is 13 years old and her family was inactive for like 23 years and we are activing them and helping them. It is great and they love when we come. 

I am doing good. Just sitting in our house was a little bit boring and I didnt love it but I read the scriptures and learned a bit more from D&C section 88... It is great. I liked it. 

I love you my family. I know I dont have much to tell you in this letter, but I love you and I hope everything goes well this week. 

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