Monday, July 22, 2013

Wara's Baptism

Hey there my family! 

How goes it there in the States and Guatemala? It sounds like all is well, except for Corey´s ugly face now without teeth... Cor, you would fit right in here in Bolivia, the majority of the people don't have teeth... One of the members here in Suarez only has one, on the bottom in the middle (I wonder how he eats, I want to ask him one day)

Well, with me, we had transfers this week, and I am still with Elder Gueto from Columbia, here in La Merced Stake in the Suarez ward. The only changes we had were that the Peruvian in our house went to another area, and Elder Morris, the new gringo is training a new Elder from La Paz, Bolivia.

Yesterday, we had the baptism of Wara Isabel Aguilar Espada, the 13 year old girl whose family was inactive for a long time. She was super nervous and we had to have the help of a member to coax her into the cold water in the font. It was super great though and she bore her testimony after saying that some people just say they know the church is true, but she knows the church to be true. And that she wants to be a missionary. Amazing! She is great.

After the baptism, we gave a training for the members on how they can help with retention and reactivation, especially to make a new person feel right at home in the church. We taught, and then did practices. They are super great, this ward has such big desires to share the gospel and help with the work of the Lord, usually they just lack the knowledge how, which is what we are helping them with. 

Attached is a picture of Elder Gueto and me. We had to go to Wara´s house to get a paper signed and to teach her, after she wanted to take pictures so we were just being dumb and we took some pictures.

CONGRATULATIONS MASON!!! YOU ARE GOING OUT TO SERVE THE LORD!! I am so proud of you bud! The mission is hard, but we have the Lord with us and it is honestly the best thing ever! Just be yourself and work hard and read the Book of Mormon! You are going to learn new things and be shaped into the man that God wants you to be! I love you Mason!
Also, you and your family, email me ya?

This week I have grown in the knowledge of the Book of Mormon. In the MTC, Elder Bednar told us to read The Book of Mormon with a specific questions and then to look for answers to that question, I was doing that little by little, but this week I just got super into it and have found such amazing treasures that I will never forget... For example, in Alma, there is a scripture that tells that the king gathered his people in and that he wouldn't go out into the city without his guards... I know that we have to do that as family and friends, grow together and be each others guards. We have to help each other be diligent and faithful.The Book of Mormon is amazing! I love it and I feel a hunger to read it. 

That is all for this week. This week was a lot better and I have learned a lot this week! I LOVE YOU MY FAMILY!!!

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