Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super Great Week

Hello there everyone!

Great news, we got our new mission president this week! He is so relaxed and cool and I feel like I can actually talk to him if I am having problems, unlike my last one. But, just different people, no?

We still havent gotten to know him yet, but his first week he has already been making changes. He has taken off the focus from numbers and all that to the work of the Lord. He is going to give us cell phones so we can work more efficiently and also, we will get one hour to eat dinner with the members. 

But, best thing of all, he has already cut down contacting. Now, we have more time to work with the members and we are already putting in effect. Saturday, the four of us here in the Suarez ward gathered the ward members and gave a training on how to actually invite your friends. The members need a lot of help here and they loved the training and want to do another one. 
This week was super great. 

I learned a lot. A lot about the second coming. Every morning we have an hour for personal study, I studied one day about the second coming. And it just hit me. The Lord is real. He really is coming one day soon. He really is coming and we need to be ready for Him to come. I felt it just deep down in my heart, that He really is coming. I loved it. 

umm.. We are working with inactive and recent converts to teach them and help them prepare to enter the temple. That is mostly what we are doing right now, with a few part families that there teenage daughter, Wara, needs to be baptized. We are working with her and she is doing great. 

All is well here in Bolivia, we went through a couple days that were super hot and then today is super cold. But, we are all good. We have food (the other gringo here in my house, Elder Morris and I make been and cheese burritos almost every night. We found mexican style tortillas and salsa, so we are super happy. Haha.)

I truly am changing. Sometimes I cant see it, but I am sure I am changing. 
I love you my family! 

Until next week,
Elder Jensen

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