Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Oakley!

Hello to everyone!
How goes it? Once again, another week has passed and little Oakley now is one year old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Cool. I am an uncle to a one year old. Wow. 

Anyway, here in Bolivia, the weather is bi-polar and cant decide if it wants to be cold or hot. So in the morning Tuesday, it was so hot and I didnt put on my jacket, obviously, so then it got cold in the afternoon and started to rain. We went to the house to put on my stuff, but still that time in the cold, made me sick... Now I am stuffy and I cant hear out of my ears and I cant sleep all that well, but I have pills to help me. But all is well here.

We taught super great lessons these last two days. One to the cousin of Wara, the girl that got baptized recently, she is a member whose mom is inactive and her husband isnt a member but wants to get baptized. The girl doesnt want to get married because she is afraid of something... We think it is because she doesnt want to follow the example of her mom and fall away with her husband. I dont know. But we taught her and I bore testimony using the example of you mom. The spirit was strong as we bore testimony that we have to obey God first, even when it means leaving behind our family. 
So, thank you mom, for your amazing example. 

We are seeing the difference already with the members. The work is moving faster as we work with the members more and we can see that they are loving it as we are training them and involving them in the work. Yesterday, they were so excited to fellowship the new investigadors to the classes, they stole them away instead of bringing them to the Doctrine Principles class where they should be. It was super funny and made us happy. 

We are progressing here and getting the Lord´s work how it should be here in Bolivia. I love it and it makes me happy and love the work. 

Not much is going on here, just searching and teaching everyone that we meet... And yesterday, I got vomitted on in the bus system (micros), he was drunk and he threw up and it landed right next to me on the floor with a tiny bit on my arm and a lot on my companion´s pants. Hahah. Crazy Bolivians. 

Wara is doing great, she is going to go to do Baptisms for the Dead in the Cochabamba temple on Thursday, she is super scared and nervous but she is going to go. Haha. She is so funny. 

Anyway, that is all for this week. I love you my family!
-Elder Jensen

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