Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Letter from Mission President -Christmas Gifts

Dear Missionary Family,

We are so grateful for the blessing it is to have your missionary in the Bolivia Santa Cruz Mssion.  We know that Christmas is not for a while, but wanted to send some helpful tips that may be a blessing to your missionary and their companion. 

As you think of sending a Christmas package to your missionary, we ask that you keep in mind that their needs are few and the space to store things is small. Some possible gifts could include: ties, gospel pictures, hand written cards or letters, candy treats and socks, socks, socks! They are always in need of good black socks. Additional ideas for the sisters include: light scarves or modest hair accessories, and the small no show socks.

Your missionary may have a companion that comes from a family with little or no resources to send a Christmas package.  Where possible, we invite your family to consider sending your missionary’s companion a present with some of the same items in quantity and quality.  This could be sent within the same package so as not to add extra shipping costs.

Some have asked how they can assist the many other missionary companionships that will not receive any gifts this Christmas. For any friends or family who would like to assist in this effort, we invite you to send packages of similar items to the mission office that could be distributed throughout the mission.

One of the best ways to send packages is through the US Postal Service with the following guidelines: Economy rate in a padded manila envelope, but not priority or flat rate. Send less than 4 pounds with a declared value less than 100 dollars inside. Be general in the declaration of contents such as clothes, food, paper products. (If you list something of value, it may be opened and stolen.)  These type are not stopped at customs as often and make it much quicker than FedEX or UPS or even Priority Mail. If you send it by the first to middle of October, there is a good chance of it getting here before Christmas. Send all packages to: 

Name of Missionary 

Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission 

Casilla de Correo 2042 

Zona Central Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz Bolivia

As we pray for our missionaries every night, we also pray for their wonderful families.  We know that our Heavenly Father will bless you in miraculous ways because of the service of your missionary. 

With love, 

President and Sister Willard

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