Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Another week has passed. When I am in the middle of the week, the days pass slow and then at the end, I look back and say where did that week go?
I cant believe we are in the last week of September. Chase only has like 3 weeks left in the mission and I am almost at my year mark.
So, here in the mission, in my area Abundancia, we are teaching our investigators, recent converts and the less actives, we are teaching- not a ton of lessons, but we are working hard. This week was a little bit tough, since even though we are teaching good lessons with the spirit, we arent seeing progress with our investigators. The family Otta Paz travel to see their family in Montero (my first area) every weekend so they cant asist church. Juan and Eunise cant get married right now, for problems with family and they have debts that they have to pay back. 
So, right now, it is just a little frustrating since it isnt going how I want it to go... But, I know that maybe this is a lesson that the Lord wants me to learn- that it isnt my time, but His. I constantly have to humble myself... I have a problem with pride.
Yesterday, I spoke in church, my first time in my mission where I was actually called up to speak in church. I spoke on faith and repentence and how it is important to share this information with others. It was good. 
It was funny. The ward members said I speak like one of them now- Santa Cruz is well known to speak ¨Camba¨ which is a form of really lazy spanish that they speak here. They say ¨Puej¨ instead of ¨Pues¨ and other things. But, it was a compliment that they said that. I would rather speak Camba like them, rather than gringo.
I know that everyone is asking for pictures. It´s just that I hardly take pictures here in Bolivia. There isnt much to take pictures and we dont do a lot of service or activities or anything worthy of taking pictures. Maybe this week, I will have something to take a picture of.
Really, I laugh all the time, because I see the reasons why God called me here to Santa Cruz so that I can grow and change and be a new person. It is incredible how God knows me and how I was supposed to be called here to Bolivia. I am trying to stay strong really, and I hope it doesnt sound like I am sad or anything... Just trying to stay in there. I know that this week will be better so I dont need to worry.
I love you, my family. I know that God is watching over us all. I know He loves us and I know without a doubt that the true happiness is with the family. I love you.
Talk to you next week. 
-Elder Jensen

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