Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hello my dear family!
I cant believe it is finally here, Chase´s last week in the mission. It has passed so fast, and I know everyone is happy to see him. And then, in just a year, I will be coming home. It will go by fast too.
This week we were visited by Elder Grow of the Area Presidency with my ex-mission president (now area seventy) Elder Calderón. It was great. They called together all the missonaries and all the stakes and all the ward councils together to talk about the changes and how to impliment the changes to improve the Work of Salvation. It was super great. They talked about how we need to go out and rescue people... Less actives, recent converts and also, our friends and family that arent members. I really hope that we start to see more help from the members. We are seeing little progress, but little is better than none, I suppose.
Let´s see, what else happened this week.
- I taught my first missionary lesson in English. This guy came up to us and asked me if I could teach his daughter the Bible in English. I took advantage of the teaching opportunity and said yes, so we entered his house and we sat down with him and his daughter. She spoke english pretty well, and understand almost everything that I said. it was hard, since my mind is a mix in Spanish and English, but I liked it a lot. I felt like I was just talking to a person instead of just teaching a lesson, not sure why but ya. So, I am going to change the style that I teach more like that in Spanish.
-We found a lady who is so afraid of the Second Coming of Christ because she doesnt want to go to Hell. We taught her, but she wouldnt listen or change her mind from what her church teaches, so we just left. Oh and she told us that she knows who the antichrist is, that will come and rule the world. Apparently it is Bill Gates. So, you know, watch out for him.
This week it has been burning hot. So humid and so hot. It is great, when I sweat so much and I am just soaked. I just love it. But today, it started to rain, and it is still raining. so it is better since it isnt hot. 

Ummm... Oh, happy birthday to Uncle Eric on Saturday and happy birthday to me this Saturday. I am pretty sure my birthday wont be anything to special or different, but we shall see. Strange that I am already 20. I am not even a teenager anymore.... Ya se fue mi niñez, pero esta bien. Onto bigger and better things right?
I love you all so much. I know that the church is true, even if it is run by imperfect people. I know it is so important to go out and rescue people and to help them along the way to our Father in Heaven ((What are you doing to help rescue someone?))
Anyway, until next week my family!

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