Monday, June 3, 2013

This Week

This week....

1) We had a mouse in our house. we were trying to trap it so we could release it into the wild, but it went behind my dresser and I accidently squished him with the dresser as I was moving it. 

2) Tuesday we had the last zone conference with President Calderon. They still have until the end of June, but we wont have another one with him. He is super powerful and we learned about repentance and how it is for everyone of us. Then, we practiced teaching and he taught us about teaching persons, not just lessons. It was super good.

3) We have cambios coming up on Wednesday, and I have the feeling that they are going to move me again. We have 45 new missionaries coming this week, and the mission divides on Thursday, so they are going to change a ton of us. I dont mind really, I like change. The only thing I dont like, is if I leave, it means I wont be able to see the Romero family get married or baptized with their neice this 15th of June. But, i guess I will just have to trust that the other elders will do it.
It was so cool. We fasted together with them yesterday and they fasted the whole time. I love teaching them. Yesterday, I showed them pictures of you all. First thing she told me was, Look at your mom. Ella es joven todavia. Then I showed her the picture of Oakley in the soup pot and she loved it. Haha. 

4) With the whole stress/numbers thing, two things happened. Today we finally have an activity... Futbol and pizza. So, I can relax a bit. And two, I read Preach my Gospel, where is says, that numbers arent important and dont mean that you arent a good missionary. So, I just focused on what I could do and forgot what I couldnt, and it doesnt matter if I disappoint my district leader or whatever. I am doing much better with stress and all that. Plus, my companion, Elder Caro has been losing his shyness and so we have been having good memories and laughing and and it is just great. 

Not much happened. Yesterday, we met both with our ward mission leader and the bishop to talk about how we can work with the ward more. We spoke a lot about how the members here are "cold". They never talk to one another, except in church. It was interesting and it just made me think how much of a family the church needs to be to help one another out. We are going to try and help the ward more. 

That is all for this week. Not much to report. Just every day and every week passes faster and faster. This week marks 7 months. Crazy, no? Crazy that Chase only has 5 months left until he is back at home. 

I love you all so much! Talk to you next week!
Elder Jensen

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