Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I dont have much to tell this week, because this week passed super fast.

The Romero family - Ricardo and Noemi - are still progressing. We thought their baptism would be for this week, but I didnt know that we needed to present their documents and IDs and everything for their marriage, 15 days minimum before the actual marriage.
Which means, now we have to push back their wedding and baptism for the 15 of June. We have transfers coming up the 6th, so Elder Caro and I are afraid that we wont get to see them get baptized. But, that is the mission life, I guess. And we arent even sure if we will get transferred, so why worry about it? 
They come to church every week and they love learning. We introduced them to the Bishop, and they brought up that they wanted a subscription to the Liahona. I love teaching them because they have a hunger to learn and to live the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

We are basically just looking for people to teach right now, and it is going slow - the finding part. I have never liked the finding part, just the teaching part. But, whatever. 

Ummm... We are teaching Marisol. The lady who we have been teaching since I got here to my area, El Fuerte in CaƱoto. She has a lot of problems from her childhood and we are going to teach her one more time tonight, and then if she didnt keep her committment, our leaders tell us not to focus on her, and to leave her, for other Elders in the future.

In my last area, we had an activity or played soccer every other week. Here, we only play once or twice in a transfer (6 weeks) so, I havent played soccer or just had some time to relieve stress for a while and this week, I have really felt the effects of a lot of stress. And our leaders want more numbers, so they call us every day to see how our day went and what we are going to do, to have more numbers.
I dont know. I didnt really enjoy the work this week because of the stress and the calls. But, I always have another week to improve no?

My card works, so dont worry. All is well in that department. Haha. 

That is all for this week, 
I love you all so much! 

-Elder Jensen

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