Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Opening a New Area

My family!
How goes it? It is going pretty good with me here in the mission.

We had transfers this last week and I knew I was going to be changed.
So, now I am with Elder Gueto in the stake, La Merced in the Suarez
ward. My area is still in Santa Cruz city but south... Santa Cruz is
set up in rings like a bullseye. There are 8 rings right now and we
are in the 7th ring. And it is in the southern part of Santa Cruz,
which means, with the mission split, I am in the Santa Cruz mission
(the other being Santa Cruz north mission) and that my new mission
president is the one from Arizona that you sent me a picture.
we live in a house with another companionship. A lazy Peruvian who is
training another gringo like me, Elder Morris from Arizona. He has 6
weeks in the field and cant speak Spanish really well. But, he is
working hard at speaking and he is a good kid. With him I realized two
things. One, how fast the time has passed. I am neither being trained
nor training. So I feel like I can do more with my companion... That I
can speak with the people and it is a great feeling.
Two, I realized I never really had a time where I struggled super bad
speaking spanish. I guess the Lord really blessed me with the gift of
tongues like the stake president promised in my setting apart.

So, here I am, in my area. Elder Gueto and I are opening the area so
we dont have any previous work to go off of. So, it is a bit harder
but we are working hard and I know this week we will find someone.

Elder Gueto is from Columbia. He has 11 months in the mission and he
is a cool guy. He laughs and speaks super exaggerated, but its fine.
He reminds me of like a Latino Eddy Murphy. He is black skinned
too.Umm... he is a dancer and taught dance classes before the mission.
He says he always saw Michael Jackson dance, and that he wanted to do
what Michael did.

Umm... the internet is super slow and I cant write more... Or send
pictures. Until next week then.

ELder Jensen

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