Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Week

Hi my family...

Another week has gone by. Some days pretty tough and others like yesterday I loved and I was refreshed and renewed spiritually. But I am still here in the mission field and loving it. It is tough but I love it. 

Here is what happened this week...

Monday, I was feeling super gross and all sicky. So we called Sister Calderon and she told me I was just dehydrated. So, she gave me permission to drink gaterade (its against the mission rules here unless you are sick) and to rest monday.. 
Then Tuesday, I had even more pain in my stomach and still diarrhea so we called again and she told me to go to the clinic here in the center of Santa Cruz. They took blood, I pooped in a cup, and we waited forever just for them to tell me that I was perfectly healthly. The tests didnt show anything. So they gave me some medicine but I was still feeling really gross. 
So I decided to pray. For some reason I feel bad asking people for a blessing, and I wanted to pray to improve my faith and to really see if I had the faith to be healed by God. As we walked to eat lunch Wednesday, I prayed and honestly it was like a balloon popped in my stomach and I just felt all the pain in my stomach go away and now I am totally fine. Well, still have diarrhea, but that is normal for the gringos here in Bolivia (the food does not treat us well)... I honestly know that God will watch out and heal us if we just have the faith in Him. 
I thought all the gritty details were necesary (I know it is spelled wrong. I cant remember how to spell it-oh Spanish!) to tell the full story, so whatever.

I cant believe Gramps is having problems with cancer and his spleen. He is in my prayers here in Bolivia. Actually, you all are. 

Umm... This week, my companion Elder Gueto and I are still looking for the people. We have met a couple people that are interested which is super great. Yesterday, we left with a member so he could show us the house of his friend. We entered and found out that it was a woman who mostly spoke quetchua...Or however you spell the native language here in Bolivia. So, we just sat there as this member and her spoke in this other language. It sounds awesome, and I want to learn it. 

We met with President and Sister Calderon to practice teaching the lessons on Thursday. Basically the whole day, each companionship went up in front of everyone to practice teaching about the doctine of Christ, the Book of Mormon and the Sabbath Day. It was good to practice and to learn more. 
In this zone conference, he told us all good bye and to obey our new President. I am excited to get this new president and to see the changes. I think it is what my mission needs right now.

Nothing much really happened. We met with a member that has a great plan for our ward to work with us. But, we cant really put it into action because the way we work in my mission right now, isnt with the members of the ward. We hardly ever work with them. But, we have this plan now and my companion and the other two elders in our ward, we are all super excited about this plan, but now we are just waiting this 13 days until we get the new president so we can change the way we work here. 

That is all from me, here in Bolivia. 
I know this is truly where I am supposed to be and I know that the Lord is watching out for us. Not just the missionaries, but the members and the families of the world. I know that He is a God of love and is truly our Father in Heaven. If you doubt that, pray about it and ask him if He loves you. You will see.

I love you all so much! Talk to you next week!
-Elder Jensen

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