Monday, May 20, 2013

I Never Know What to Put Here

Hey there! 
How goes it there in the States or in Guatemala?

It is going well here in Bolivia. The winter has set in, but it is very strange here. Wednesday, it rained all night and most of the morning, so our streets were flooded and it was freezing. 
Thursday, no rain, but freezing wind. 
Friday, still with freezing wind.
Saturday, the sun came out and once again just about 100º here in Bolivia. They tell me winter is like that... Freezing for a couple days, then once again, hot as ever for another couple of days, then cold.
Very strange. But, that is Bolivia for ya.

This week, we are still teaching the familia Romero. They are so great and they both want to be baptized and they introduced us to her niece and we taught them all, and they bore strong testimonies. Ricardo said that he wants his three-year-old son, named Axel (they call him Chino, because he is squinty) to be exactly like us one day, serving a mission. 
I keep looking for their problem or doubt in the gospel, but I think they really don’t have one. Maybe just getting their papers all ready to be married. It takes a little bit of time, to get everything ready here. But, I know they will do it. 

We also taught Marisol, our other investigator. Last night we visited her and she really wants to be baptized, she just hasn’t found her answer yet and the other missionaries before me, just taught her super fast, they taught lessons, and not to a person. So, now we are starting over with her, teaching her all again. But, last night, as we went around the table the Bishop and his family (Marisol is best friends with the bishops wife, so we teach her in their home) I asked everyone, like we used to do, around the table after church, what everyone learned this week. 
She gave us an answer and with a little bit of digging, we learned her mom or someone hurt her really bad and that she hates her family. We had planned to teach about the restoration, but because we are here to teach people and help them in their lives, we taught about forgiveness and with the love of God, we can do it. 

The time is going by fast here. Every day, Elder Caro says, ya se fue otro dia. I will let you translate that. But, it is so true. Every day passes faster and faster. And lately, more and more I have been feeling the Spirit guide me and I am feeling more like an instrument in the Lords hands. I love it. 

After I spoke with dad, I realized that here in my mission, we don’t work with members hardly at all. We ask them to accompany us to lessons and then they go home. I realized for some time now I have been feeling friction and frustration, because the way Preach My Gospel tells us to work, is not the way we do it here in my mission. I am not sure why. 
So, this week, Friday as we planned this next week, I basically told my companion how I feel, and we both agreed that our emphasis here in the mission are the souls of the people, not the numbers. Our leaders emphasize numbers all the time, but I don’t want to work for numbers anymore. 
So, my companion and I have begun working with the members more. We have only done 2 days of meeting with the members and stuff, but we have improved a lot, in just two days, to gain the trust and know more members. 

We are still here working and working hard to improve and to do the Lords work. Remember, faith is a principle of action. To have more faith, act and I promise you will see the difference. 
I pray for you all, every night by name. I know God loves us and I know Jesus suffered for us. Like Chase wrote, I think about the Atonement a lot. I have a scar on my wrist when I crashed with my friends, tiny, but a scar. 
I imagine that with that scar, I will never forget the people I was with, or that memory. I will never forget. 
Likewise, when Christ was resurrected, he chose to have his scars still from on the cross. TO REMEMBER US. To remember what he felt as he suffered for us. I will forever be thankful for that. I don’t understand everything, but here in the mission, I have learned more than anything the true love of God and that His love is enough. Even if we don’t receive blessings that we can see, His love is more than we could ever want.

And now, I want to say that I love you. I truly love you, my family and I can’t wait to introduce you all, one day, to the Family Romero when we are together in Heaven... Or maybe one day, if you all visit my country here in Bolivia. 

I love you!
-Elder Jensen

P.S. our president changed the rules finally for email. We can email whomever we want and we have more time to email...

So, everybody... Email
Cool, thanks

MOM; my district leader just gave me a letter from you. THANKS! It is my card. I will call the number right now to activate.

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