Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day After Mother's Day

Because you didnt get to see me on Skype, I decided to take a picture this morning so you can see me! 

A picture of the 1 year old baby of the family Romero that we are teaching. They invited us over for birthday cake for his birthday. Me, my companion, and a member with us, Hermano Rocha, who has a powerful testimony and always is willing to help us.

Awesome story I forgot to tell you about this family. They came to church yesterday, and in Sunday School, the teacher taught about the Kirtland temple. She was teaching to members, so she wasnt worried about our investigators that wouldnt understand, but even with tons of stuff they didnt understand, the coolest thing happened. 

The wife, Noemi, leaned over to my companion and asked him, How long after someone is baptized can they go to the temple?

THEY ARE GOING TO BE AN ETERNAL FAMILY! I just know it. I have yet to find a doubt with them. They accept everything and have a hunger to learn and to follow. It is basically like they are members already - they both gave opinions and answers to questions in Sunday school. 

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