Monday, April 1, 2013

Realization Week

So I have a lot to write so here we go.
This week was a week of realization.
1. I realized that we are so blessed by God to be members of His church. There are so many people here that just believe that it doesnt matter what church you go to, because they all talk about God. It is incredible that even when we explain that we need the true teachings of Christ to be saved and to be truely happy, they still think it doesnt matter. We spoke to a teenager here with his mom and after a 25 minute lesson all about this point, he still couldnt see why we need one true church. We asked, so do you believe that there needs to be one true church. He said yes. We asked him if we showed him the true church would he join it. He told us no, because the catholic church doesnt have rules and the only thing different are the rules of the church. I dont even know if that made sense but, basically, logically he knew the truth, just missing faith to join it. We have that problem a lot.
2. I need to be myself. I realized this when Wednesday I had to go to immigrations, because I have been living illegally in Bolivia for the past month, okay not really, we just had to pay a small fine, it is how the church works, and our lawyer. I dont even know the details. But as my MTC all came together to live legally in Bolivia for the next year, we spoke a lot about our experiences and the things we can improve. In reality, we spoke a lot about how the mission is and how our thought processes are different than our native companions. We spoke on how a ton of missionaries just get numbed into thinking that they have to be the perfect missionary, with doing the same things and having the same answers. But, God called me to here, Elder Jensen 2.0 to be here in my area, not Elder Super Missionary. Therefore, I need to open up and not be afraid to be myself and laugh a little and try new things that might work.
3. We have people. I realized we are doing better work here. This week we have cambios or transfers and it is more than likely that Elder Chub or I go some where else. So, we were really thinking about it, and I realized that I am doing great for only speaking Spanish for 5 months this week and working as a missionary. I realized we are finding more people. We have a family, Family Velazgo, who have a lot of problems with their family and need the gospel and more love. We have Christian Claros who is 21 years old and has found a hunger to read the Book of Mormon, but has problems going to church, and Ademar, also is 21 years old, who lives alone and needs to know that God loves him. I realized that there are always people prepared, I just have to work my hardest to find them.
I didnt get your package mom yet, but maybe because my Zone Leaders havent given it to me yet... Also, My debit card isnt working in the ATM here... I had to go to the hospital and I had to pay with my own money for my tests... I had a stomach infection... Nothing major and it was like 3 weeks ago, but the mission hasnt reimbursed me yet, and I need to buy scripture cases because they are getting trashed.... So, I need personal money...
So, my card isnt working. Why not?
Ummm... Whatelse.... There were a lot more things that I realized, but I cant put them in words. I will be sending letters soon so, in like 4 or 5 weeks, you will get them depending on when I send them.
You are all the best, and our family is so great!
Talk to you next week...
Elder Jensen!!

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