Monday, April 8, 2013

April Already?!

I cant believe that is it April already. Or that I now have 5 months in the mission. 5 months!!! What is the world? It feels like forever but at the same time, so short. I have no clue how that is possible, but it is. 

Conference was amazing. I didnt get a whole ton out of it, since it was all in Spanish and the translation was boring to listen to and sometimes I zoned out, but how crazy is it that we have Prophets and Apostles like in the times of old. And how blessed we are. Sheesh. 

So, this week was so so. We had a few hard days not finding anyone to teach and just contacting all day, and then we had a few small successes, like when we brought Christian Claros to the chapel to watch conference. It has been raining here a ton and the streets are super muddy, of course. So, we went to get him at his house, arriving late there because I slipped and fell in the mud... My long jacket thing took all of it, so I was okay. Anyway, we walked in at the last 10 minutes of Elder Holland´s talk, and I so wish we couldve seen all of it, because after when we asked Christian which he liked best, it was Elder Holland´s last 10 minutes. 

Unlike Chase, we werent in jail for Holy Week. It isnt super crazy here like Elder Chub tells me it is there. The Catholics just all got in a parade and followed the cross to the local church. As we left, our house, the parade passed by, and we had to walk fast through the parade, they smiled and laughed at us, as if to say, look at us, we are so much bigger than you. You are just two young kids, what can you two do. 
Little do they know that we have the truth and we have Christ on our side. 
I just realized I might have told you this story already, but whatever. 

Umm... I am definitely so happy. My zone leader just barely gave me my package mom. I hope nothing was taken out. But thank you!!!

I am definitely improving with Spanish and with the gospel. I can actually feel my faith and my testimony. It feels like a firm brick wall that I know will always be there in my life. 
I have experienced a new way of looking at the church. Here in Bolivia, the church is still relatively new and with the old Catholic lifestyle of the members, a ton of them are lazy and still need to have a conversion of heart, for example, I have seen how a member and a ward should be, like the example of the 4th ward, and how it shouldnt be, like the ward here in Guabira. We are having problems working with the members and the bishop, but we will still press on, even with this problems. 

I love you all so much and I am so grateful for this mission and for the millions of things I have learned and improved in these short 5 months. We must press on always, being followers of our Lord and Christ. 
In the words of Yoda, which I need to actually apply:
Do or do not, there is no try.

I need to act, and it is what I am learning right now.

Until next week!
Elder Jensen

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