Monday, April 22, 2013

New Area!

Okay, basically first things first....
Mom, I got your package today. I love the tie and it is so great. I already ate the gummy bears waiting for a free computer. THANK YOU!!!
Also, mom, you cant start out your letter with something like a BOMBING!!! I have no idea what is going on in states or this whole thing... So give me at least a little background before explaining what is going on over there, thanks!
Okay, now for me, this week I got a call on Wednesday that we would have interviews with President Calderon and inspections of our daily agendas by Sister Calderon. Which, isnt anything to worry about.. But, twenty minutes later I got a call that I would be moved to another area. Which means I packed up, said goodbye to Elder Chub my very good friend and trainer and I am now here in main city Santa Cruz, area Canoto, and my area is El Fuerte... which means the strength. 
It is anything but strength. This area, Canoto is the largest of the mission with 24 missionaries here but it is by far the weakest with the least number of baptisms and lessons than another area in the mission. 
I didnt realize it but my last area, Montero is one of the strongest and best areas, baptism wise. 
I am now in a trio... with Elder Beltran, from Las Vegas, he only has one month more than I have, and with Elder Caro, from here in Bolivia. He only has 1 month and is still new and being trained.
They are really good, a little bit quite and more reserved than I and they teach way differently than I am used to, but, hey, here in the mission we learn how to work with tons of different people. So, I know I am here in this new area to work hard and to raise the level of work here. I know I am nothing, but I have been blessed with this desire to speak with all people about what I know.
Freak!!! Family. We are so blessed to have apostles and prophets in these days. Elder David A Bednar came here to Santa Cruz and spoke to us missionaries. He is definitely a man of God, no doubt about that. He knows exactly what to say and do to invite the Spirit and to allow the Spirit be the teacher. That is part of what he spoke on, not just talking to our investigators, but allowing the spirit be the teacher. We were assigned three talks to read by him, Ask in Faith, Being Truly Converted and something else. 
It was awesome because it wasnt just a talk to us, but he talked with us. Allowed us to ask a lot of questions and he asked us questions. He asked us what we learned from these talks, and I raised my hand and gave my answer. I learned more than anything that I need to act. To have more faith, we act more.He asked more to explain more of what I learned and he talked to me. So basically I spoke one on one with the Apostle of God.
 He also spoke on Sunday just to this stake, my new area, so I was really lucky. He spoke then on the characters of Christ and as we turn outward as Christ did in every situation, we will have more faith and act more.
FREAK!!! So, amazing! 
I know that a lot of times my letters may sound negative or something, but it is because on Mondays I am thinking what I need to improve on and this feeling comes out in my letters. And sorry, no fotos today. 
I really am enjoying my mission and I LOVE IT: I dont regret it for one minute and I have been strengthen and I have learned of the love that God has for me than I could have ever learned there at home. I love you guys and I will write next week!


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