Monday, April 15, 2013

No More Rice!

Hi there! Still here in Guabira, 1 hour north of Santa Cruz. Still with Elder Chub, my papa, even though we should have had transfers 2 weeks ago, but whatever. 

This week, we had to go to Santa Cruz a lot for immigrations and as a mission, our numbers are really low for our work, so we all met with President Calderon and recommitted ourselves to the work, and he said some other stuff about when Elder Bednar comes Saturday. 

Umm... I dont know. This week I am starting to realize that we cant do everything, even though we have the power of God with us, these 2 years are just too short to do everything that we need to do as missionaries. Help the members, strengthen the ward, find new people, teach, baptize, strengthen the new members. It is a lot to do with so little time and I am starting to feel, sometimes overwhelmed by all of it. Overwhelmed because I know, even if I have desires to do everything, which I want to do, I cant do it. 
But, it is crazy how much I keep realizing that my farewell talk was exactly what I would need in this mission... 
Remember when I spoke about the apple, peice by peice... That is all it is. Doing all we can day by day and then at the end we will be able to say that we did all we were able. 

This week, I baptized Jessica. She is the neighbor of Hermano Isaias and she is a single mom with a little 2 year old kid. She was super nervous and felt really dizzy and lightheaded after coming out of the water, to the point where she had to wait a little bit before changing her clothes. Hahah. But, after everything was fine and she told me that she felt a really warm feeling in her chest. She asked me why... And I told her the Holy Ghost and that this choice was so right and that Heavenly Father is so happy for you. I could feel that warm feeling, like a fire, in my chest too and it is crazy, when we have the Holy Ghost, we have feelings that we need to change and improve. I LOVE IT...

Umm... whatelse. I hate rice. Please, mom, never make rice again. Rice every day with chicken. Rice with everything. we need to change our pensionista because her food makes me have diarrhea. Bleh!!!!

Still here doing good and wanting to work and work hard. Here we go for another week in the mission!!!

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