Monday, March 25, 2013

Still doing great and improving here in Bolivia 

This week was all about changes and dreams ready?

It is crazy how many people believe that they will receive answers in a dream. This people is blessed with this though, as children of Lehi. But not all receive dreams, we have to explain. But, two of our investigators received answers in dreams. One dreamt that her dead dad told her that baptism was the right step for her and her son. Her name is Jessica and she is progressing but she is afraid and timid. 

The other was Maria, she is 17 years old and dreamt that a man kept asking her over and over again what was the Plan of Salvation. She couldn’t answer and so she asked us, the missionaries. SOOOO CRAZzY right?

Changes are happening with the changes of the President in June. We were trained by the area president this week and he spoke that in our area it is possible to baptize without conversion. But, our new goal as a mission is to convert then baptize. It is crazy the changes that are going on. 

I don’t have any more time. I took too long reading your emails and other stuff... But I am great and I am loving every day more and more. I LOVE THIS MISSION and I am learning more of the love that God has for me and for His children.

Write me dearelders, I still get them and anyone can write them Santa Cruz Bolivia mission—it’s FREE!


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