Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Church Is True!


It is me, Chan man. This week was a good one. It is Monday again and I am here in Bolivia still. 

Thanks mom for the Dearelder! I loved it. I love hearing that you are going to the temple and that you love where you live.

This week... I dont even know. I feel like I do the same thing every single day. We talk to some people in Spanish and we teach. This week we taught more than past weeks, we are working harder. We have people progressing but not many. We need more for the Lord!

I honestly still have days that my heart hurts to be home. But I am getting better at forgetting myself and going to work. I have great days and masomenos days. Great days where I am happy and love the work and I just lose myself and then the other days. But, without the bad, we cant appreciate the great, am I right?

This week, we are working more with the members and the bishop here to find people and to strengthen the ward. That is the key to this missionary work.

I baptised two more kids this Saturday, and I knew what to expect and it was much better. March is going to be a great month for us. 

Sorry for not explaining last weeks pics. They dont eat tortillas here and Elder Chub misses them so much, so we had the lady who feeds us make these tortillas.. They were delicious and that picture is the last one that we ate. It was a sad moment for me. 

I dont know what to write ever because like I said, it is all just the same. We get up, eat some breakfast, study, then go out and teach. I talk to people about our church and I am learning that I am a missionary of God and that I can be bold. It is getting better, just little by little.

I am sorry that my letters are lacking. This work is hard and I constantly have to work at it, but it is coming along. I like my area and the members here. I dont like the heat and sweating and feeling disgusting, but who cares about that when we have work to do. I know I am learning and growing better each week. 

I know that this church is true. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I need to be here and I will be here until the end of my two years. Ya, there will be hard days, but the Lord suffered harder days than I and am I better than he? We all know the answer to that one. 

I love you so much everyone and I am so happy that I know that this life  doesnt end after death! I am so grateful for you, my eternal family! I am going to be working hard this week and maybe, just maybe I will have a good story for yall next week. 

Until then! 
Elder Jensen!!!

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