Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello, family!!!

Okay, okay, this letter will be a good one. I know I don’t really tell you a lot, but it is because it is the same every day and it isn’t really important stuff. But, you want more, I will write me in the 25 minutes I have.

I have officially survived my first 6 weeks or my first cambio in the mission field!!! It has gone fast and it is crazy. It has been hard, but I am learning little by little that I can do this with the help of Jesucristo. I am loving the work more and more. Which is great.

-- After emailing you all, we played futbol in the pouring rain at the stake center. Mondays are always super chill and good, and for some reason, most of the time it rains. Like today it is overcast and drizzling. But other days we walk in 100-degree weather. It is great. I love it. And I definitely have the missionary tan going on.

Hermano Isaias is doing great. He only has gone to church 2 times but he wants to be baptized this Saturday and he is ready to do it. So, we are going to teach him one more time tonight and see how we feel and if he really has a testimony and then we are going to call President Calderon to get permission since here in the mission our investigators need to go at least 3 times. The lessons with him are really spiritual and powerful, and he has invited his neighbors to listen to us. They are great and have questions that bring the spirit. Hermana Rosa, his neighbor, really wants to be baptized, but she knows it is unlikely since her husband works in the campo... I don’t know where this place is or what work is being done there but tons of the men here work there it makes it hard to teach and find people since we cant teach a woman alone... And he is also Buddhist (He is a Japanese man that speaks only Spanish) and so he doesn’t believe in civil marriage. But we have taught her about prayer and she has hope that one day it will happen.

I officially baptized someone! A little 10-year-old shy girl, Blanca!! My first baptism. I was really nervous and she was even more. The baptismal font water was super dirty, brown even, but whatever. I have a hard time remembering peoples names her since they can have like 5 different names. But, I did it and now I know what to do to expect and how to do it better next time.
Elder Chub and I always sing a special musical number at the baptism and every time, even though we don’t have the best voices, it sounds so great and the spirit just comes rushing in.

Letters and packages take 3 weeks to get here. You can send them and if you put stickers of the Virgin Mary on the package, no one will open them since the Catholics basically worship her.

Here there are Catholics, Jehovah Witness and Evangelicals. They are sometimes hard to talk to but we knock on every door. The people here are super nice and they like to listen to the word of God, just not act. We just need to find more people who the Lord has prepared.

For my feelings, every day is the same. I wake up for a new day, study and pray. For a while there, I was really struggling. I just wanted to be in America where there is air conditioning. I am happy now though. Ya, this is difficult as ever, but I am happy. Right now, I am learning to have faith and trust that God is with me.

My Spanish is coming along well. I can understand like 97% of what people say and I can speak pretty well, but I lack confidence in my Spanish sometimes, or I want to say a phrase or how I would say it in English, but it doesn’t work like that so sometimes the people are confused, but they are nice and understand that I am still learning. I have found people here who speak English and it is weird talking to them, I cant do it, my English is all broken and stuff. So I will just stick with my mission language.

More pictures. I bought a battery charger for super cheap here. So, more pictures, always!

Tonight, we will have 2 FHE lessons, one with Hermano Isaias and his large group and the other with Hermano Pablo, the grandpa of Serjio and Adimar the two other kids that we are teaching for baptism this Saturday.
I know I am here on the Lord’s errand and while it might be the same day in and day out,
 Talk to you next week! I love you all so much. Do better this week than last and don’t worry about me.

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