Monday, March 18, 2013

Little By Little

My family! 
Hi there! I am still here in Bolivia, still working hard, still adjusting and still learning to become a better missionary. This week, more of the same things, not much changes so this letter wont be grand, but at least you get to hear my email voice in your minds. 

Okay, some information for you... We have a pensionista, she feeds us lunch every day with some kind of soup, tons of rice, chicken or carne, and sometimes something else, but it is the mostly the same. They are members and live like 2 houses down. Her daughter makes me teach her English some days. She washes our clothes too, but I have to iron them.

We eat dinner every night of the week with members of the ward. My area is pretty much the only area that the missionaries eat dinner, it isnt common. But, the Stake President lives in my area and he basically yells at the members if they forget.
Guabira, my area is small, so we walk everywhere. My shoes are fantastic and I haven’t felt any pain or anything. But, when we have to go somewhere, we take the Trufi, or taxi system here or Motos, motorcycles that drive around everywhere. Everything is cheap here, so I am not mad.
My area is known for producing really strong Elders, so we shall see if that happens with me... And also, really fat Elders since we eat a lot. 
(My companion has a gut since being there, but I have lost weight. He asks me how it is possible, I have no clue)

Dad- no, Hermano Isaias doesnt have family joining him. He lives alone and is seperated from his wife, and his daughter moved away so we cant teach her, but because of him, we are teaching his neighbors. 

I am steadily improving on all fronts. More happiness and joy for the work, progressing with Spanish and knowledge of the scriptures, more thinking about the people and work and less about you all. It has been good and I am glad to be here and to continue to work hard. 

I don’t have many super spiritual experiences here, so not much to tell yalls. I try and find and recognize the promptings of the spirit of where I should go and to whom we should teach, but I have a really hard time with this, but little by little, I will get better. I know I will. I know this week we will find more families to teach. 

Sounds like your lives are boring and only Chase and I are doing fun things. But, here are some fotos, I am hoping for you all!!
Talk to you next week! 

Oh and tomorrow is Fathers Day here in Bolivia, so the ward gave us Saltañas, which I love for being future fathers. 
Happy Fathers Day dad, from Bolivia!!!

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