Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Feelings at the Beginning!

Whoo... Here it is. In little more than 3 hours, I will be entering the Missionary Training Center in Provo! It's so crazy that it's actually here! It doesn't feel real at all, it feels like I should have about a month left - a month of Just Dance, movie marathons and fun times with my friends and family. But, it's here, so I must go on.

Monday night, I was set apart as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was incredible. I could feel the Lord's spirit there in the room and my family's love as they went around the circle and told me a bunch of things that they loved about me and they thought would make me a great missionary. There is little else that can make me cry more than spiritual things like that. After I bore my testimony to the fam bam about the happiness that I have found only through the gospel, I was set apart by President Bangerter (I love that man.)
He blessed me with some really cool blessings. And then I was set to go. So we packed up the van that we rented and we went on to SLC.

Last night, my mom, dad, aunt, and I all went through the Salt Lake temple. There is seriously no better place to feel the Spirit of the Lord since it is His home. I loved it. Each time I have gone through, I am just overwhelmed with the feeling of eternal families and the happiness and love that comes from the knowledge. I know that our families will be together forever and I am so happy for that.

Today, I will enter the doors of the MTC at approx. 12:45.
Pray for me?

Or perhaps just write me. My address is on the side there on the right. I love you all and I know that Heavenly Father is well aware of you and me.

My mom will post my letters/emails that I send home.

God be with each of us

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