Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Done Here!

Hi there, my wonderful family. 

Well, today is my last day in the Provo, MTC. It has been a great three weeks but I am so ready and excited to get down to Peru. And I'm a tiny bit nervous since I won't be able to speak with anyone there. But, who cares? The Spirit speaks through all languages so it won't even matter. 

Anyway, this week has been great. 

Thanksgiving was fantastic and it seems like it was forever ago. We woke up super early and got in line to get seats for the morning devotional with an apostle. It was Jeffrey R. Holland. I like him. He basically just bore testimony and had his family bear testimony of the truthfulness of this work. 
I loved it. He said some really powerful things like,

"I hate it when missionaries say 'when I get back to real life,' this is not true! This is real life! This mission is the closest you will ever get in this Earthly life to our Father in Heaven. There is no other life than this"

"If you can't do this for yourself, or for your family, or for anyone else, do it for the Son of God who bore all of our pains and doubts. Rely on Him and He will make it worth it."

Anyway, and then we did some fun service project and schtuff. 
We had fake MTC food complete with yardbird and all. 

I have been getting frustrated with myself over some things. Especially as my patience wears thin with my companion. But, I have been focusing more on prayer and taking time to think about what i'm going to say and to whom I am talking. 

It's been amazing the change that I have felt. I'm feeling more happy and strengthened by our God. I know that he is here with us. 

Sunday is always the best. We take the sacrament and listen to talks in Spanish. Then we have a devotional where some important people come and talk to us all. Then we watch a movie. Yesterday we watched "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration" and the Holy Ghost just burned in my heart of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith and all that he went through. I felt like standing up and singing "The Spirit of God" because of the way that my soul felt like there was a fire in it. 
Please pray to our Father in Heaven if you have any doubts. 

He will answer. I promise you that. I know that what I am doing is so true and I am so happy doing it. 

I will call from the airport tomorrow sometime around 8 or 8:30. If I don't call then, I'll call during our two hour layover in Atlanta. I wrote this all in the letter that I sent you on Friday, but I forgot that you would be up here. So, it's prolly waiting for you at home. Or you've prolly read it already. 

I love you all so much and I am so happy that we get to spend eternity together. 

Corey/Brooke - 
I could use some emails from you two. I want to hear how things are going with Oakley and your lives. 

I'll probably be sending pictures your way. 
I love you so much!

-Elder Jensen 2.0

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