Monday, April 7, 2014

Wonderful Week

Hi there! I loved this week, so powerful and the Lord truly did bless me this week. Here is why. 

We have received a lot of new information and training from Elder C. Scott Grow, Councilor in the Area Presidency. He told us to trust in God and to learn how to teach and find people and just receive more personal revelation. We have set super high goals and we are working harder than ever before to achieve them... especially finding families to teach. 

This week we haven’t so much found families, but we are finding that the Lord has people that are prepared for us. For example this week, we found and taught two new people that are just so ready for the gospel... Javier Herera and Miguel Angel Walda. Miguel Angel especially is so great. We’ve only taught him once, but for the first time in my mission, a Bolivian man told us that his biggest desire in life is for his family to be happy and to follow God. It was so great. We have an appointment with him on Wednesday so we will see more of what happens to him. 

General Conference was particularly inspiring. I have always heard that we can make a list of questions and while listening to conference, the Lord will give us the answers, but I had never done it. Saturday morning before the conference I just had a strong desire to do it and to put God to the test. I made my list of questions, and I prayed to the Lord so He would know my desires. I went to conference (we as North Americans all went upstairs in the stake center and watched it in English). It was so great. I loved it and all my questions were answered, most by the words of the prophets and apostles, but also, from the things the Lord told me through the Holy Ghost. I know that the prophet is the prophet of God and he told us so many things that the Lord wants us to know and to do. I have set goals so as to follow the Lord’s will. 

The Lord wanted me to know of His love for me. As I sat in the micro on our way home from the conference, I just thought to myself about some things. I felt happy and grateful and I felt the promptings of the spirit as a feeling of love came into my heart and just a feeling a peace. I felt like the Lord was happy with me, like He was telling me that He is my God, and that I am His representative. Maybe I am not perfect, but He will help with in this work, and that He will be here with me. I want so much more to trust in God and to be a man that God can trust in. 

I love studying the Lord’s word every day. I am studying every day in Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon. Lately, after mom wrote me about her studying about the Lord Jesus Christ, I felt like for me to trust more in the Lord, I need to know Him more, so I have been studying a lot about Him; who He was, is and will be for us when He comes. I testify He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He is everything for us and compared to Him, we are nothing. But to the Lord, we are everything. I know He lives and I know He loves us. I love you, my family more than anything else. You guys are just great. 

Until next week!
A recent convert who baptized his son
-Elder Jensen

Watching General Conference in English

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