Monday, April 28, 2014


Man, this internet place is horrible. Either the internet is super slow or today, the computers just shut off. So, I dont have much time to write a long letter, but I did manage to send off some pictures. 

This week we had two baptisms... Andres Duran and Cristian Mendoza. Their families were less actives and we are helping to strengthen them, and they hadnt been baptized so we baptized them. Everything went really well. 

Everything is going really well. I have been able to see changes in myself as I continue on the mission. I have been able to learn how to listen to the Spirit. I have been able to learn about our Father in Heaven and how important it is that we be close to Him and His Son. I know that is how we can be happy- being close to Christ and following Him. 

This week, I taught the lesson in the District Meeting, and I prepared a lesson beforehand, but as I began to talk with the missionaries in my District, I felt the impression of the Holy Ghost telling me that we should talk about something else. I felt grateful as we talked and I learned a lot of things about working with the members and everything. 

I love you guys so much. I am so grateful that you are all my family and that you are all there for me, praying, reading the sprictures and thinking about me. I feel your love and I feel your support. I love you so much.

That is it for the week... Blame the crappy computer. We´ll go to a different internet place next week. So, that is good. 

I love you!
.Elder Jensen

Me and my group at Immigrations (getting visa renewed for six more months!)
The Loayza family at the Cochabamba Temple
The bill and coins...Bolivianos (they call them pesos too)

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