Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Well, that week went by so fast... As did that hour and a half that I was emailing everyone. 

I am so sorry about Tammy. But I know we will be able to see eachother again. Death holds no power, thanks to Jesus Christ. We will be together again as a family. I know that. I know the Lord has a plan that we will be happy forever. 

My time is just about up. I am sorry that I didnt have enough time to write my weekly email that I usually write, but I hope the individual emails that I wrote to a couple of you will make up for the difference. 

Next week, I wont be able to write you all, since it is Carnaval here again... Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I will be locked up in my house. I will talk to you in two weeks from now then. 

I love you all so much. The Lord lives. He loves us. He is rooting for us, and wants us to come back to his presence. Keep doing good things, and as Doctrine and Covenents says in spanish--- Since I dont remember how to say it in English --- No os cansais de hacer lo bueno. 

Just Keep Swimming-.- And Just Keep Praying. 
I love you all!

I always love your messages. Thanks pops for the pick-me-up. I love
you so much.

I hope you know how much I look up to you. You are the reason that I
left in the mission, and your example has kept me here in the mission
when times were tough. Thank you so much dad, for everything you
taught me, whether it was said by word or by action, I learned so much
from you and I honestly want you to know that I am so grateful for
everything that you have done and just for showing me how to be a man
of God.
When I was little, I used to think that when one gets older, we no
longer have problems or temptations or hardships. You were always so
happy and so faithful that I thought that there is no way that satan
tempts you.
Thank you for being strong in the gospel and showing me how to be a
man of God. Now that I teach to families about how to be happy, I
think a lot about how one day I will be a dad, and I think that would
be the best, if I could follow your example and be like you- A man of

Thank you so much dad. I love you so much.
Keep on doing what you are doing. I promise you that the Lord is
mindful of you... He loves you. He is pleased with the great job you
did with your family and that you continue to do.

I love you and miss you so much.

Tell Brooke and Corey and Oakley I say hi and that I love them!

I am so sorry mom. When did you hear that she died?

I know that you know, but arent we so blessed to know that we will see
our loved ones again. That death holds no bond on family ties. That
families are eternal and that now, your sister will have the
opportunity to accept Christ as her savior. Tammy may not have lived
her life like the Lord would have had her live, but now she will know
as you know that the Lord lives. That Christ is our savior and that we
need to have faith and repent and be baptized.
One day, our family will do the temple work for Tammy, so she can be
with us in the heavens. Isnt it amazing, the truth that the Lord has
given us?

There is a Mormon Message that I like a lot...

I love you mom and I know that we will see Tammy again. And she will
be with us up there, in heaven.

Stay strong mom. Even if you feel helpless, there is a lot you can
do... You can share your testimony with your family... Invite the
missionaries to talk to your family members that are hurting right
now... Just an idea... The Lord prepares the people hearts, and maybe
now they will listen.

I love you mommy. 

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