Monday, February 10, 2014

Things Become Sweet

Hola, mi familia! How are things going out over there? I hope everything is going great and you guys are just having a great time.
My week was great!!!
We were really nervous to find out if Brother David Loayza would be able to baptize his family, but after having his interview with the bishop, we got the green light. He is so great. He is pulling his family along, teaching them and just is filled with excitement for their baptism tomorrow (Feb 11 at 7:00 my time). We still had to teach about the Plan of Salvation this last week so the rest of the family could pass their baptismal interview with my district leader. We taught it and David helped us teach and was just so great and the spirit was strong as we testified of eternal families. 
Then later in the week, we had the baptismal interview with the Loayza family and they had a couple questions, but they understood everything and passed... Which means, everything is ready for their baptism tomorrow!!!!!!!! Hurray!!! I want to come back here in a year to go through the temple with them. they are so great. I will send you all a picture of them next week.
We also started teaching Jesus Aguilera and her daughter, Noami Romero. They are a wife and a daughter that the missionaries we teaching a long time ago and they never got baptized. But now, Elder Avila and I think that this is their time to be baptized. We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the daughter opened up her heart and started crying, after knowing that she can start over again, be clean and be before God without sin. It was so great.
Good things are happening in Abundancia. It was tough, but it seems like the Lord wanted to teach me a lot of things here in this area before we started seeing miracles, but now that I have learned and I have repented and changed the way I was doing things, He is pouring out His spirit and making the work and the gospel sweet for me.
I know the church is the true church of Christ. I know it with everything that I am. I will testify it to all that will listen. I know that the things that we do in the church a lot of times appear boring or like a great sacrifice, but when we come closer to Christ, the sacrifices and the hardships are more easier and we will want to become like Christ- leaving behind whatever it is that is stopping us. I have felt that here in the mission and I have felt that now things that I used to just go through the actions- prayer, scripture study, church assistance, and everything else- are now my favorite things and just like in the Book of Mormon tells us in 1 Nephi 8, the gospel is sweet and it is so much better than anything there is in the world.
I know I didnt write much, but I ran out of time... i will send pictures and more stories next week!
Until next week!
-Elder Jensen

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