Monday, September 2, 2013

Hola Gringo-landia

Hello out there in Gringo-landia... That is what they call the United States. 
I got transfered again!
We were almost positive that Elder Gueto was going to go, but I got transfered. I am now here in the Pira√≠ stake in Santa Cruz, in the fifth ring. As you get closer to the center the richer and more proud the people are. 
This is the closest I have been to the center of town, so I was super confused and surprised when a lot of people have really nice cars and trucks.
My area is Abundancia. It is a ward. Yesterday in Sacrament meeting we had a little bit more than 50 people. It is not that big of a ward or area, like my last area. The ward is good from what I can tell. They arent super active in the missionary work, but we are going to work with them.
My companion is Elder Condori. He is 21 years old from La Paz, Bolivia. He is kinda strange and he worries way too much about everything. I am thinking he is my lesson in patience. But, he is happy and likes to work, which is great. He likes to do contacting way too much, but at least he wants to find the people that are prepared by the lord.
Since I got transfered, I wont get to see the wedding of Julio Cesar or Franz this week. But, my last companion just emailed me and told me everything is set and ready to go for Saturday, the members are getting more involved there too and they raised enough money to have the wedding in the chapel (it is cheaper in the laywers office). So, I am still so happy for them.
We got to the house and it is a good one. I am used to the house being loud, since I was living with 3 other people and they loved to have fun and everything. But now the house is just quiet since my companion is kinda quiet. I dont like a quiet house, but whatever. 
We live in a house above a plastic chair/table renting place. our house has three rooms and is comfortable. But it doesnt have a kitchen area, so we wash our dirty plates in the bathroom sink. It is great. 

Here in Santa Cruz the cold time has ended and the sun has come out. It is hot!!! But now I am used to it. It isn't a problem anymore for me. 
I love you so much! 
Until next week!!

My last day with the four elders and my old house- it was falling apart and stuff, and had termites and bugs. And in my bedroom we didnt have glass in the windows, so we were basically sleeping outside, but I loved that house. 

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