Monday, September 9, 2013

To all my friends out there in the mission... Hello!!!!
I hope everything is going well out there where ever you are. I am super happy to know that you are all doing great and loving the mission!
This week, I got an email from Krista Nelson about all of my friends out there in the mission. I loved reading their letters and seeing their pictures. 
Whenever I hear about how many missionaries are out, I just think about how much of a royal army God has prepared. I love it.
This week was good. I just got an email from my last companion that he told me
Franz and Julio Cesar got married and baptized on Saturday. I wasnt there to see it, but I am so happy that all went well with them.
This week in the Abundancia ward, a member here was cooking on his stove. His propane tank had a leak so when he lit the match, the gas tank blew up. 90% of his body was burned. He was put in the hospital and was fighting for a couple days, but he passed away. The ward held a funeral and we were invited. 
It was sad, but at the same time, the members bore powerful testimonies of Christ and the plan of salvation. It was interesting that none of them were bawling, but they were calm as they expressed their love for the man and for the peace that the true gospel brings.
I know without a doubt that we will see our loved ones after death. In the church, we have the truth so we dont need to doubt or fear death, we just need to express our love for one another always and to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, because like the members said, we dont know when we will go to the other side.
So, know that I love every one of you. I honestly know that we will be together with God after this life and that this life has a purpose. Such hope and comfort it brings to know that.
Other news this week. 
We are working hard to find people this week. We have a couple with baptismal dates, but we need to find more people. We want to work with the members. The ward here isnt super strong, but we want to help them out. So, we are going to go to work with the members and hopefully, if all goes well, we will find a few Part Family members that need the gospel.
Nothing special happened this week really. Just working hard and getting to know my new companion. I am learning to love him. He is funny.
I love you so much everyone!
Keep on swimming and doing all the stuff that you do. 
Come closer to Christ to find more happiness!
-Elder Jensen

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