Monday, August 19, 2013

We're Nerds!

Hello family!
once again, it´s Monday and I am here writing everyone in this Internet place. How is everything there in that part of the world? Everyone sounds good... Well, I didnt hear from Corey, Brooke or Kelsey, but I am sure everything is good. 

This week went by super fast. I honestly feel like I was emailing you yesterday. This week we worked super hard and it was just great. 

Alrighty then, here we go. 

Tuesday, we went out to serve members in another area of the stake. We weeded with machetes, moved a pile of bricks and rocks, a racked leaves. I didnt take my camera, so I dont have pictures of that... (like we say here in Bolivia, van a disculpar) 

We have a couple families that we are teaching... Julio Cesar, who is leaving behind smoking, Franz and Mireya, who just need to get married, and Jose and Maria, who are members of the church but got confused because the 7th day advantists are visiting them. 
With the first two, everything is set for their baptism. They are ready to go, they just have to get married. And here in Bolivia is costs a lot of money and time, which I am realizing that they dont have a lot of here. But, we are getting help from the members so they can get married and then baptism. 

I am still constantly learning. This week, I had a doubt/question where it says in the Book of Mormon that God cant look upon sin with the least bit of allowance. I thought that meant that I as well had to give up movies and songs and things that I like to do that didnt take me to Christ. 
But, I prayed and I have come to realize that following Christ doesnt mean sitting it your room, avoiding everything. God gave us these things that we can have fun and joy. We just have to be careful with everything. Like I wrote last week, we have to think spiritually and have the guidance of the Holy Ghost, that will help us know what things are good and which arent. 

I hope that made sense. haha. I dont even know anymore. My english is bad, and some days, I get lazy with my spanish and I slur it like we do in Utah, and the people dont understand me. haha. 
I guess I´d better work on that. Little by little.

Not much else happened this week. We walked a lot. And then we walked some more and taught some people. A great week, but one without many stories. 

In my life, I want to always do two things. 
1) Be constant in the faith. I never want to leave behind what I have learned or the church. I never want to become inactive or anything like that. The true way to happiness is living the gospel of Christ, the church helps us live the gospel. That is why it is important to go to church and say our prayers and read the scriptures. 

2) I want to always act. 
Faith is a principle of action. To improve your faith, we must act. To show our faith, we must act. It isnt enough to say we believe, we must show it with our actions. This is the biggest problem we face with the members here. It is all just words, and then when it comes down to it, they dont act.

These are my two goals until the end of my life. I know that as we are faithful and we act, we do the things we believe, God will bless us. We will be taught from on high. I promise that. I promise that we will find joy and happiness as we do those things. I am commiting myself every day to do it, and I hope that you all will do it with me. 
Say a prayer, ask Him what is one thing that you can improve, then ask for strength to do it.Then go do. 

I love you. I know this church is true and I know that maybe we arent perfect, but Christ is. He lives and He loves us more then we can think. We must follow Him in every way, maybe it is hard to give up certain things, but little by little, step by step we can do it together. 

Until next week you nerds. 
I love you!

-Elder Jensen

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