Monday, August 12, 2013

Couldn't Even Tell You

Buen dia a todos de Bolivia!

I have a lot to tell you all so I will just get on with it. 

This week, we got great news. Our internet time is now an hour and a half!!! Which is great. We can write to whomever and now I have even more time... So everyone- talk to me...
If you all dont write to me, I will just be sitting here at the computer with nothing to do, so you all have to talk to me.

This week, I feel like I have learned a lot. I finished reading the Book of Mormon again and this time, I was searching for an answer to a question I have and I have learned with this, that we have to be humble. I have prayed so much and tried to change and I feel like I am beginning to change in my heart. The Lord promises us that we are humble, we will be taught from on high and I know that has been happening this past week with me. I am so happy and I just feel great.

Friday, we had our first interviews with President Willard. I love him so much... And sister Willard. They both served in Spanish speaking missiones (Him, LA, Cali and her Dominican Republic) but they speak like gringos. I love it. Haha. She is from Tennesee, so it is even worse than him. But, we understand them and we love them.
He is so loving and so strong in the spirit. He reminds me of President Wade. I love President Willard and I feel like he was the Mission President that I needed to help me improve. We talked about gratitude. That when we are grateful for the little things - like an american cheeseburger or being able to eat strawberries (two things that we cant do here)- all of our problems and our sadness goes away. I have been trying to put it in practice, and it´s true. 

As for our investigatores.

Julio Cesar - He is the dad of the kids that got baptized recently. He never wanted to listen to the Elders until my companion and I met him and we immediately became friends. He is so funny, but is extremely poor... He makes $10 a day doing construction work, but when it rains like it did this week, all construction work stops. So, he didnt have enough for him and his 6 kids and his wife to go to church or anything (the members picked them up to go to church). 
So he is facing that problem and also, he is heavily addicted to cigarettes. Like I told you all last week, since 8 years old, he has smoked. But we are seeing miracles here as he is leaving behind that addiction... In the last 4 days, he has only smoked half of a cigarette and he told us the flavor has started to change, it didnt have the same effect as before. I LOVE IT. He has been praying and we gave him a priesthood blessing and we are honestly seeing miracles of God here.

Speaking of which, with President Willard and the division of the mission, they decided to rename the mission... unofficially. I am now part of the mission Bolivia, Santa Cruz de los Milagros mission. He wants us to realize that God has his hand here in Bolivia and that even the little things can be miracles.

Umm... I still have a half hour, so if you have questions or want to talk. Write me. I dont have much else to talk about, since I am used to having only an hour. Haha. But, I love you all and I know that God loves you too. 

I know that we need the church in our lives to be truly happy. The church helps us live the teachings of Jesus Christ and when we live the teachings of Him, we will be truly happy. Maybe the members of the church arent perfect, since no one is. That is why we go to church, to be able to improve. The church is the only true church of God. I know that going to church is so important, and if we arent going, we are losing so many important things... 

Something I learned from the Book of Mormon.
Remember, to beccarnally-minded is ddeath, and to be espiritually-minded is flifegeternal.

--- Think about the things of God, and we will be closer to life eternal. 

- Elder Jensen

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