Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello my family!
It has already been two weeks since my last email! Where has the time gone!!! Freak, I love you and thank you for your emails of love and for your prayers. 

Mom... Every once in a while people get packages and letters, but not a ton. But people do get them. Don’t worry about buying contacts, I don’t need nor want them. 

So this week has been good. We knocked on tons of doors and we found some people. It is hard to get these people to do anything because they are used to the Catholic way, but there are people. 
We are teaching three little kids. Serjio, 14, Edimar, 9 and Blanca, 10, and they will be baptized this Saturday! 
We found Hermano Isaias, who has been prepared by the Lord. He is ready to be baptized, but only needs to go to church 2 more times. It is crazy, Elder Chub and his companion knocked on their door before and nothing. But this time, we found Isaias and because of him, he has invited his daughter, her husband and his neighbors to listen and learn. 
They are progressing, but they need to be married first. Almost everyone here just live together and have kids. Crazy. 

Teaching by the Spirit has been great. Teaching in general is great. I love sharing my love for the gospel with these people. 

Here are some pictures for you. My room and house, what it looks like here and me and some Elders this Saturday. 

I have been praying to be able to forget myself and God has allowed me and is helping me do it. I am soooo much more happy here and even love the rice and the food. The heat is great and I LOVE IT:
I am happy. I don’t need anything, but if you feel like it, you can handwrite me a letter or send me a package. It is up to you. I will be sending letters next week... I am sorry... I forgot them. They are at my house. I am not sure how long it takes to get to you, but whateves. I LOVE YOU!!!

Your son and brother, 
And Bolivian...
Elder Jensen

Okay, the pictures might not come. But, know that I tried! I love you!

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