Monday, February 4, 2013

Montero Bolivia

Finally I get to write you and read all of your emails! It is wonderful to hear and see tons of pictures of my cute 6 month old neice and of my crazy brother in Guatemala!

Sorry, I didnt write last week. I hope you weren't too worried about me. We had a combined activity (playing futbol and eating lunch) with another zone and it went a little long. And then when we finally came to the internet cafe, all of the internet in Montero was down. And because we didnt have much time left, we couldnt wait for the internet to be back up.

Also, I wont be able to email you next week either. In Bolivia, the 10th, 11th, and 12th of February is Carnival, and we are locked in our house all three days. It is really bad. Elder Chub says there are just drunks everywhere, people breaking the law of chastity in the streets and just bad things. And so we will stay in our house for three straight days. 

I am slowly learning that the Lord didnt call me here to be the perfect teacher or to know Spanish right away, or even to work nonstop until I just dont want to be here anymore. No, He called me here for a reason, that He could shape me into the man I need to be. In my weaknesses, Heavenly Father called me to be His servant. 

I am happy when I am teaching the Lords children, my brothers and sisters here in Bolivia, the other times, I am not going to lie, it is hard. I just think about myself, and when our investigators dont keep their committments, Satan says to me, you arent even doing any good here, you are just wasting your time. Go home. 
But, this week especially, I have learned that I can do this work. That I can be here for 2 years and that I have to be. I have to do this hard work.

Mom- I dont wear my glasses, only at night. I still dont like them and I have just been wearing my contacts for 2 months. That way, I will have the ones that I have for 2 years. Not a problem. 

It has been raining here quite a bit, which I love. It just downpours and we just knock on talk to people as we are sopping wet. 

Yesterday was rough. We have people that we teach and they understand and are recieving answers and they feel good about the things we teach, but no one ever comes to church.. Why cant they just act on this faith that they have?

We are teaching a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, 17 years old born on my birthday. They are great, and the lessons are going really well. The boy, Jonny, used to laugh at my Spanish, but now he just listens and is good during our lessons. But, his parents died just in December and I was thinking about them, and how they must be praying for me and Elder Chub. That we can teach their kids the truth. 
It just hit me hard as we were teaching them, how many people truly must be praying for the missionaries right now. Every temple, every apostle, tons of people, both on this side and on the other side of the veil. Its incredible!

I know that I am supposed to be here, and I know that I can do this work! This week, I am going to try and dig in, pull of my socks to my armpits and not let go.

Thank you for your support, always. Dont worry about me. I am doing the Lords work. I am happy and healthy and protected by an Almighty God!! 

I love you all with my entire heart!
I will talk to you next week!

P.S. I am sorry that I dont answer all of your questions. But, it is hard to remember them all. So, just be happy with this. Haha.

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