Monday, March 24, 2014


Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is good there. This week has been cloudy and cold, especially at night. I really like it when it is Spring here. In the morning, it is perfect. In the day, it warms up a bit and at night, again it is a bit nippy. I like it.

This week... Just like all the others... passed super fast. Good things happened, but it just passed super fast. We are almost in April and General Conference weekend, then comes Mothers Day and the phone call... And then a couple months later I end my time as a missionary for the Lord Jesus Christ. I love my time as a missionary. It is the best thing ever. I have come to know my Lord Jesus Christ more and I have learned even more, the importance of obedience and of the church in general.

So, this week
-The biggest thing that happened this week was on Friday, Elder C. Scott Grow (2nd Counselor in the Area Presidency) came to Santa Cruz and we were with him the entire day. We learned a lot from him about the Lord’s way of working in The Work of Salvation and about the personal revelation. He shared with us that we have to have more faith and more patience, and if we depend on Christ, the Lord will help us know the goals to set, the plans to do, and the words to say in this grand work. It was seriously so great.
I realized a lot of the time, I need to have more faith and more trust in the Lord that He will help ME... I know He will help all of us, but I need more faith and more trust that the Lord will bless ME specifically with what He wants me to do. It was really helpful and I learned a lot.

Another thing, we had the opportunity to have a question and answer with Elder Grow. One elder asked him what the difference, or what does it mean to be a special witness. Elder Grow explain that he had been set apart to testify that 1- Joseph Smith is a prophet of God 2- The Prophets and Apostles of today are truly prophets, seers and revelators and 3- of the Lord Jesus Christ. He then went on to bear his testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. The most powerful testimony I have ever heard in my life. I wish I might be able to have a stronger testimony like him.

It was one of my favorite conferences in my mission. I loved the entire thing. The spirit was so strong and we just sat there for hours, listening and learning from the servant of the Lord.

Another thing that has happened this week... The mission is changing. It is a different mission from when I started. New rules, new way of working, and now... Even the leaders are changing. The transfer is this Wednesday, but when we were all together, President Willard announced who would be the new assistant... The new assistant is a newbie in the mission, with just 6 months in the mission. Never been a District Leader nor a Zone Leader. That is the huge news in the mission right now... President says that a lot of changes are coming... That this is the transfer when everything changes. It is exciting to see the changes.

We are working with a Less Active family... Angelo and Tamara Gutierrez. They have been less active for 5 years, but now we are teaching them and they want to come back. When we taught them the first time, I felt like it was super important to talk about the temple and the eternal family. They loved it and the spirit was there, testifying of our words. They have put the goal to go to the temple and to put their lives in order. It will be a struggle, since he smokes and has other bad habits, but through Jesus Christ, anyone can change.

I hope you liked all the photos. I will send a couple more.

My jersey that we had made in my last zone. Just thought you would all like to see me… Haha.

A drink they make here in Bolivia. It is called Mocochinchi.
it is just a dried peach with cinnamon and other stuff, and water. It has a weird flavor, I didn’t like it when i got here, but I love it now. It is always just super cold.

I love you all so much!

Until next week!

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